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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

'Income Inequality' is just another form of diversity: so why do liberals hate diversity?

President Obama's speech in Kansas yesterday was breathtaking for its level of dishonesty. Over and over, with a cadence not dissimilar to that of a used-car salesman, the president decried the lack of "fairness" in our society.

The word "fairness" and its derivatives were mentioned by the president more than a dozen times.

But life itself is unfair. And no one and nothing on Earth can change that, even if you tried to create a totalitarian police state like North Korea's.

• It's not fair that I don't play basketball like LeBron James.

• It's not fair that I can't play a guitar like Eric Clapton.

• It's not fair that I didn't invent Google like Larry Page.

• It's not fair that I haven't invested as well as Warren Buffet.

• It's not fair that I've never worked as hard as Tesla.

• It's not fair that I'm taller than most people.

• It's not fair that most people sing better than me.

• It's not fair that Al Gore invented the Internet first.

To be human is to be unique, to be different than everyone else. It is your uniqueness that makes you special, whether Barack Obama thinks that is unfair or not. For liberals to place you -- a unique, wonderful individual with God-given talents and shortcomings -- in some sort of bucket, in some made-up class, so he can manipulate you or secure your vote, well, it's not just cynical. It's un-American.

And what is "fair" when it comes to society as a whole?

Say I am a businessman about to invent a cancer-fighting drug, but the money I was going to use for that research was ripped from me by the government in the name of "fairness"; how is that fair for the people who could have been saved by that drug?

Is it fair for the government to steal money and claim they're able to use it more efficiently than thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs, businesspeople, investors, scientists and engineers?

Is it fair for the government to create arbitrary classes of people based upon their income -- and then decide who should have their money confiscated and who should receive that money as gifts to buy their votes?

And who are these geniuses -- these masterminds of humankind -- who can decide what's "fair" and what's "unfair" for all of humanity?

They are Marxists, following the template of all of the failed Statists who've come before them, dividing us, building straw-men and, ultimately, obliterating the civil society. Which is why we must crush them and their vessel -- the Democrat Party -- at the ballot box in 2012.

Hat tip: Mark Levin.

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