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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beware the co-worker with a camera-equipped spywatch

Given the proliferation of micro-cameras and mobile devices, I guess any expectation of privacy we might have had ended, oh, about 12 minutes ago.

A story has reached me of one [particular IT worker]. I won't betray his place of employment, save to say that it is in a large corporation in New York. I will, though, betray his simple method of, well, amusing himself. He takes pictures of the ladies in his office with his watch. His gentlemanliness is such that he takes these pictures without them knowing.

What he does with them is still open to conjecture. However, it seems that his watch is the SVP MW09.

How can I possibly know this? This particular IT guy thinks there's nothing wrong with wandering around the office taking covert pictures. Perhaps he even believes it's part of a subtle seduction technique.

Oddly, last week he thought there was nothing wrong with admitting to one of the subjects of his covert photography what he is doing... [and she] asked that I might make others aware of the possibilities that these no doubt fine pieces of technology offer to the unscrupulous.

She told me: "How do I know what kind of pictures he already has and how long he's been doing this?"

...Clearly anyone in any place of work could buy one of these watches... So, as you wander into your office tomorrow morning, admire everyone's watch--and then check it for a hidden camera. Just, you know, for fun.

The next growth industry: counter-surveillance tools that can help detect and defeat spy-cams and the like.

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