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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Glue, Persia, Egyptian Taxis & Jeans.
It's Sunday night & i'm completely exhausted; about to have a hot bath & get an early night. I thought i'd just do a quick post before i do, because i haven't done so for a few days. I'm not sure if you will be interested by what has been happening in my life, but i'm guessing i'm going to blah blah blah about it to you anyway, so apologies if you couldn't care less.
Most days last week i felt as though it was friday, huge let down finding out it wasn't every day..until it was. Then when it really was friday, i had a bit of a ridiculous day & fell over and damaged my hand. Kind of silly, but i'm a bit accident prone to be honest. I broke my foot a couple of months a go, just by walking, seriously. This time, i slipped over in the kitchen at work, which was kind of embarrassing but absolutely hilarious..until i looked down and noticed my metal bracelet was stuck in my hand. I took it out & unfortunately what followed was a little sick, to say the least. My boss sent me to A&E where they told me that the stuff i could see through the cut was in fact the fat glands underneath my flesh, sorry to be gross, but thats how deep it was. ANYWAY. They glued me back together (literally) and bandaged me up. I now have a blackish bruised wrist and a fetching bandaged hand, which looked lovely with my outfit last night, i'm sure you can imagine.

Last night i went out in Manchester with people from work, it was actually hilarious & i don't think i've laughed so much in a while. We ate at a persian restaurant & the food was unreaaaal! The journey back was a little scary as our Egyptian taxi drive ("a company? i don't work for any company, i just have taxi!") was driving at 95mph on snowy/icy roads whilst talking on his mobile phone to his friend (not hands free) and having a conversation with my friend Jack, all at the same time. I did doubt my life, but i got home safely in record time.

Today i felt a little delicate, drank 5 cups of coffee, ate some crumpets & hoovered my car. I also bought some really nice new jeans & blagged some free wheel fixing from some mechanics. All in all, very productive.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend? xx

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A little bit of last night in pictures.
Sorry for the lack of interaction, but i'm so tired & don't feel like writing very much, so here is some pictures from last night, deliberately leaving out the ones of us necking shots & feeling the burn, hah. Perhaps going to add more when i'm feeling a little more enthusiastic! Hope everyone had fun this weekend xx
Blackberry Love.
I love my blackberry, that is all really.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Emma Bell.
Emma Bell is a British fashion designer who i've become completely intrigued by. Her collections have been shown in the last few years at London Fashion Week & are so interesting/amazing. I love them, they're so bizzare in a creative genius sort of way. I have posted just a few but you should have a look through her collections, www.emma-bell.co.uk.

She has even collaborated with Vaxhaull & designed this car!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

When you break up with someone you love, where does the love go?

Carrie Bradshaw's a doll with all these wise old quotes she comes out with.
But for real, my heads a bit messy today. Messy sad & also messy headachey from last night.

I went out for cocktails with my friend & some people from work, hilariousss time & even more hilarious photos taken on photobooth before we went out..I actually think that they are too grotesque to share with you, however funny they are to me. Shame really, i bet you're gutted ;) So the night consisted of having drinks bought for us by someone who i work with, laughing at laughs, talking about cramp, trying to undertake girly talk around boys, meeting two boys from Bolton & chatting to them outside Amber Lounge for about half an hour (they were also hilair), and then being accidently racist. What a let down. A guy said "excuse me girls, wheres good for indian food round here?" i replied with "I DON'T LIKE INDIANS SO I CAN'T REALLY HELP" , obviously i meant Indians as in i'm going for "an indian" as in indian cuisine.
I was not making a ridiculously overgeneralized statement about the entire population of India. Unfortunately he didn't see it like that. So my friend tried to diffuse this by shouting out "I LOVE INDIANS!", ahh funny.

OH MY GOD, also i wore the best best best new shoes last night. Oh ok, that is all about the shoes - they're amazing, talk about anti-climax, sorry about that.

Anyway. I used some of my goodie bag things i got from lush on thursday; i've used the blackberry bath ballistic, some angel's delight soap & the big blue bath ballistic. To be honest, i thought the blackberry one was really boring & the smell was nice but it didn't really last. Loving the soap (but smells like something you could eat, so having to hold back..) & the big blue one was really nice as well, the amount of seaweed in it shocked me a bit, it just kept on coming! It did make my skin feel nice though, so that's a plus.

Also really loving Taylor's raspberry & vanilla tea again. I drank this all the time in the summer while i was working for my A-levels but haven't had any since, until today. I forgot how nice it is! Really strange how a taste/smell can make you remember things you had forgotten from the time you last tasted/smelt it though, don't you think?

I'm really tired & cranky tonight (hence the lacking of this post) so i'm not going to write anymore, i'm going to do a little more work, or try to & then watch some sex & the city and have an early night.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sorry, there are no words, just felt a bit silly. My mum saw these photos and said "Err imagine if there were two of you, that would be horrible! Oh anna, they're really freaking me out, get them off" - lovely.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spend spend spend; Lush & Mac
- lots of pictures!
I drove my friend to hand her essay in at university in Liverpool; so obviously that meant that we had to go shopping while we were there. I'm pretty chirpy about my purchases, so here is what i came home with! My lush obsession has been kick started by some christmas presents from miss Alexandra!
Ok, so from LUSH, i bought 2 gift boxes; Buttercup (contains butterball bath ballistic & Honey i washed the kids soap) & Rock Chick (contains rock star soap & creamy candy bath bubble bar slice) - these are actually going to be used as gifts, got a couple of birthdays coming up in the next couple of weeks!
Then, for myself, i bought some i should coco soap,
a pop in the bath bubble bar,

& a butterball bath ballistic.
Then, in my goodie bag (can't tell you how excited i was) i got..
a big blue bath ballistic,
some angel's delight soap (smells amazing!),
a jacko bath ballistic (kind of late but cute all the same),
a floating island bath melt,
a massive wedge of father frost soap,
& finally a blackberry bath bomb. I can't quite believe how good this deal is!
So then, after some lunch, we went to MAC & although i didn't actually have my voucher i was blabbing on about the other day, i bought some lipstick.
I went for a matte pink shade called "please me" and i'm very happy with it, it's really lovely.
All in all, it's been a pretty successful day! My new Barry M nail paints also arrived this morning, i got "pale purple" & "mulberry pink", i'm wearing the pink today and haven't tried the purple on yet but both look gorgeous so far! I'm actually pretty tired after the drive & then walking up hills to and from lecture buildings! So it's time for a cup of tea & i still have this essay to finish.
So that's my evening sorted, with a nice bath using one of my new LUSH products obviously! Oh, but which one? I haven't actually tried any of the ones i got today, i'm not quite a LUSH virgin, but i'm really not very experienced. I'm sure i will be soon, because after this lot i know that i'm not going to be able to keep myself away, i pretty much love everything in there! If you have any pointers about what i should get next time then you should really let me know, because i'm like a kid in a candy shop when i get in there!

Anyway, Ciao Ciao!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Writing & Tapas & Writing About Tapas.

I'm going for tapas & a good catch up on gossssip tonight with my friend & I'm really looking forward to it. Last time we went we had a 50% off discount voucher and so we ordered twice as much - obviously! I'm planning on doing the same tonight, twice as many cocktails and twice as much tapas, what could go wrong? Seeing as the temperature outside is negative i have absolutely no idea what to wear, being practical but looking good is usually quite difficult i find.

This post isn't particularly interesting i realise, but i'm supposed to be writing a 2000 word essay & this is an obvious escape without actually leaving my macbook and feeling too guilty about it.

I'm not actually even supposed to be at home, i was working at Dorin Park - but it got closed at 12:00 because the snow started to get heavier & a lot of the children are from surrounding areas rather than in the city, so they wouldn't have been able to get home easily later on.

Whenever i have work to do, i find it impossible to start until i've made my room "right". I have to clear my desk of make up & clutter, set up my mac on the left, books, pens and papers on the
right, a cup of tea (preferably peppermint, green or camomile if i'm doing an essay) somewhere within easy reaching distance, but not too close incase i get ragey and flap my arms or throw my work (probable). Then i light whichever candle is my favourite that day/week, today it's Lily-flame - BLUSH! It's so nice, i actually love it. Also, my doggy usually comes and lies either on my feet or behind me on my bed - that's where she is today, sprawled out fast asleep, lucky thing. It's a wonder she wants to be anywhere near me to be honest, i accidently spilt my tea on her earlier, she's a lovely girl though - forgave & forgot.

Anyway, so i have actually done quite a lot of this essay today, so i'll call this more of a break than an escape, just so that i feel better.
I really enjoy writing on here, but hate writing when i'm meant to - i suppose that's because i have a choice with this.

Right, i'm going to do some more writing (relevant writing that actually matters, i.e. this sodding essay) & make another cuppa. Then, more importantly, i can decide what i'm wearing later & start getting ready!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Teen Pregnancy.
First of all, i'd just like to say, i myself am most definitely NOT PREGGERS.
I am, however, doing my coursework on documentary & representation, and chose to focus it on the BBC3 documentary - Underage & Pregnant; looking at the representation of teenagers in general (i.e. that we're thick, useless & easy), and then more specifically, the stereotypes & assumptions made surrounding teenage girls who fall pregnant.
The reason I'm posting this really is to find out What do people first think when they see a pregnant teenager? What kind of traits do you associate with them? What assumptions do you make? etc. I also want to point out that i'm not encouraging you all to be horrible and judgmental, but we all know that it's human nature to assume. Your thoughts about things like this will depend entirely on your own background and experiences, and nobodies will be "wrong" or offend me.
I really don't mind what you want to say about this, either your own feelings about the issue itself, or if you watched the documentary; what did you think about that? - was it bias or do you think they remained fairly neutral and presented the issue with sensitivity?

I'd really appreciate any input that you might have about this, it will be really helpful for me.

One more thing - if you've read any articles or seen anything similar, please let me know.

Thanks lovelies.

Monday, January 11, 2010


So i'm not completely delusional, i realise that it's January, meaning that we couldn't actually be much further away from summer if we tried. However, i was looking through my pictures & found some that have made me so excited to see the sunshine again. I don't think you really appreciate how nice it is until you have a few cold, miserable damp weeks - like we are now.
I don't know if i'm going to be able to go on holiday this year like planned, because i'm still trying to pay off my car - this is a bit disappointing but i've heard that we are meant to be having a really hot summer here. Keep your fingers crossed.

Ahh look how dark my hair was. I know i only changed it last week, but you forget quicker than you think.

Also, i apologise for the spazzy arm.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh & I also love these.

Black & White: Stephen Meisel.

These are just a handful of photographs i like, the work of Stephen Meisel, therefore a handful of amazing photographs that i like. I especially like the ones of Coco Rocha, & the fact that her name is Coco.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mac Make Up
So my little sister bought me a gift card for MAC as my christmas present & i still haven't spent it, because there is so much that i want i just cannot decide what to buy. How bloody greedy of me. I'm thinking Lipstick is quite probably going to win the battle. Even though i have narrowed it down to Lips, or at least for now i have, there are still a ridiculous amount of choices, and to be honest i'm one of the most indecisive people i have ever met, especially when it comes to what to wear, how to wear it etc.

First of all the finish;
Frosty, lustre, satin, amplified creme, matte, cremesheen, glaze or amplified?

Then the colour;
Well i'm not even going to begin to list them, i'd be here for the rest of my life if i mentioned each one by name, but i'm leaning towards pinks.

Or should i just get some good old foundation? Or perhaps some mascara? Who knew it would be so tricky.

Anybody care to enlighten me?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Chanel Les Trompe L'Oeil Tattoos.
"Bringing an ingenious new dimension to this season's trompe l'œil trend, this March will see Chanel's intricate, non-permanent tattoos from the spring/summer show hitting boutiques around the globe. Already creating a huge buzz amongst beauty and fashion editors alike, the ultra-feminine stick-on pieces delicately walk the line between make-up and fashion accessory and bring a whole new meaning to the term 'body art'. Created by the brand's make-up director Peter Philips, as expected these are no elementary school etchings; the tattoos are highly decorative renderings of elegant chains, strings of pearls and pretty floral sprigs - and of course the iconic double C monogram. Pale is interesting; make your skin a canvas with pared down make-up and apply the transfers around wrists, over collarbones or cheekily peeking out between the splits of a skirt. £49 (for 55 designs), available March 1 at Chanel boutiques and Selfridges."
- quoted from vogue.co.uk.
Oh my god, i love these, they are brilliant.

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