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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Highlights in the sunshine.

I had my hair highlighted again last month & got some much lighter shades put through for the summer, which have now turned even lighter thanks to the lovely sunshine we've been having recently! Here are a couple of snapsies!
I'm liking it lots at the moment, good colour for going out in the sunshine! & i've been playing around with some different lipstick colours as well. I bought "Up The Amp" by MAC yesterday, it's quite dark for daytime, but i wore it mixed with GOSH "Darling" to tone it down a bit & fell totally in love. Have any of you tried it?

Driving, Girlies, Cocktails & Nachos!

Here are a few more photos from Friday evening when Boo, Rose, Beth and myself went to watch SATC2. We had pre cocktails & nachos in Old Orleans, where it was 2 for 1 on cosmopolitans - winner! On the way there, Boo papped me driving, you should all go and buy this little cupcake air freshener that you can see! It's from Accesorize and smells of strawberries and cream :)
We were given a little quiz thing to fill out whilst we were eating, with a load of SATC questions on, the winner would get tickets to go and see the film...kind of stupid seeing as everyone they were giving them out to was blatantly on their way to see it that night anyway! But we had a larf & the waiter accused us of using our blackberries to find the answers, which obviously was totally, completely not true..obviously!
We had such a laugh, it was a really good night. Unfortunately (and i am a massive massive SATC fan!) we all agreed that while the film was funny, and there were good bits, it could have been better, and there wasn't really much of a point/story line to it! - controversial i know, don't hate! I did still enjoy it, it just wasn't what i'd hoped for! Also, i had hiccups for about 45 minutes during the film after eating my nachos quicker than i've ever eaten before so that we could run across the road from the restaurant and wouldn't miss the beginning! I have never seen the cinema so packed!
I hope that everyone who has been to see it enjoyed it, and that everyone has a lovely bank holiday - i'm working as per!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Photoboothing around before SATC2

Just a quick picture post before i go back to work! Here's me & Boo being silly on photobooth before we went to watch SATC2 last night with my other girlies. Fab night - i will post more of the cocktail/eating/satc action in another post, hopefully tomorrow!
Have a good weekend everyone! Have you seen sex and the city yet? What did you think?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

First of all, i just want to say a million thank yous to all of you who have been so lovely with your comments on the post below! It's so nice to have your support and for you to be excited for me! I didn't want it to be like "ugh who does she think she is!" So thank you, i really appreciate every single one of you!
Secondly, here a just a couple of pictures taken by my friend Rose that i thought i'd share with you. I look like a little dweeb, but there we go! I wanted to show off my sandals. I bought these in River Island a couple of weeks a go, and i absolutely love them. I may try and do a post dedicated to them at a later date because these photos don't really show them off to their advantage!
I haven't been blogging as much as usual recently, got lots going on! But i have a few things i want to post about, so i should be back on my gameeee soon!
I have bought my Sex & The City tickets for tomorrow night and i'm mega excited! I've been waiting for this for about 6 months, maybe even more (bit sad)! But i absolutely love it, i have the box set & it's rare that a day goes by when i don't watch a couple of episodes, haha. Should be a good girly night out :)
I'm sure lot's of you are also going to see it, so i hope we all love it & aren't disappointed!
Have a fab weekend girls xxx
Ps. You may have noticed in my sidebar there is now a link to a couple of my articles! The one that's going into the actual magazine isn't on though, so i will still scan that when i receive my copy.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hey girls.
Just a really quick post because i can't keep quiet any longer!
In my last post i mentioned some "exciting news" - i'm now going to spill!
Basically, a little while ago i got an email from a lovely lady (and magazine editor) saying that she read my blog and liked the way that i write. She asked me to do some features for a magazine for Graduate Fashion Week in London 6-10 June. Not quite believing it all, I wrote some articles for her and then a couple of weeks later got an email confirming that my piece is going into the magazine, and it goes to print tomorrow!! I think that the photo above is also going to feature, or a different one that she has of me, it will be a surprise, ha. Very excited that i got this opportunity, still can't believe it though! I will post some scans of the article and stuff when i receive the magazine in a couple of weeks :)
Hope everyone is ok! xxx

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pink Fairy Cakes.

A couple of Sundays ago, my friend and I decided to make some fairy cakes! We drove to Sainsbury's & bought our ingredients, some pink food colouring, some strawberry flavouring (for the icing - which tasted like the strawberry fondant you get in quality streets - amazing!) and some rainbow pearls to decorate them. They were pretty scrummy, so i thought i'd show you a few pictures. I did intend on posting this a while a go, but better late than never hey!
Hope everyone is having a good week! xxx

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Little update.

Helloo girls.
Short little post, but felt like doing a quickie, you know how it is! Feeling a little sad this weekend, but a good night out with my girls, involving a LOT of dancing and laughing helped me along. I have just been for a long countryside drive to relieve a bit of tension and sang my heart out, not advisable with a voice like mine, but who cares when you're inside your car. It makes me laugh when a car pulls along side me and double takes at my mouth being wide open hitting the high notes, haha!
If you follow me on twitter (although my send request button to follow me appears to have stopped working, any ideas how to fix this anybody!?) you may have read a tweet last week saying that i was doing something potentially exciting, it's still a work in progress, and it's still potentially exciting, and i still don't really want to spill any details until i know the full deal ;)
Anyway, this picture of my friend Beth and I being bunnies made me laugh so i thought i'd share it with you! May do a face of the night/outfit of the night if people want? Although it was nothing special as i had about half an hour between finishing work and going out! I was like a make-upping machine!
Hope everyone is having a lovely sunny weekend, the weather's lovely here :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I don't want to be a punkrocker, but i do have flowers in my hair.

Today i picked up these flower clips, they are by babyliss in boots and cost me five pounds. I've never bought accessories from boots before, but these caught my eye and matched my lipstick so i bought them.
It doesn't look a whole lot different in this poorly taken photobooth picture - but i've had some lighter blondes put in my hair around the front and underneath so that it is 'lifted' around my face and looks lighter when it is put up. I love the way that my hairdresser, Nick, has done it this time. I have some really light ash blondes through the front of my hair, perfect for summer! I will try and get a more flattering picture of it soon for you all to see.
Hope everyone is well! xxx

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Retro Lush "Playdoze" & "Pleasure Dough" Bubble Bars

Evening girls!
Let me start by saying i'm sorry i've been a bit rubbish with my blog recently & not really done anything new/exciting! I'm just so busy with other things at the moment, unfortunately my blog is low down in my list of priorities! I will be back to it soon, i hope, because call me sad but i actually kind of miss it! I find it relaxing, maybe even a bit therapeutic!
However, in complete contradiction to the above, i have some free time tonight to get up to date with my lush reviews, and i might do a couple of other posts if time lets me! (must remember to check my lottery ticket - fingers crossed it's a rollover! & watch desperate housewives!)
Unfortunately neither of the following reviews are particularly positive, disappointing seeing as i spent some more dollar dollar on a retro lush order (have become completely obsessed/practically ocd about ticking every retro bubble bar off the list as used and reviewed -perhaps unfortunately for you!)
So the first one is this oddly shaped, fluorescent yellow coloured log! This is called "Playdoze" and here is what Lush say about it:
"A fluorescent bar of bubbles. There were rumours that a Playdoze bath made kids glow in the dark. We were rather disappointed to find that it isnt true. It certainly makes the bath water glow and this serves as a tantalising attraction to grubby persons of younger years. There were also reports that its phenomenal combination of soothing lavender and ylang ylang essential oils got kids to sleep where all else failed. These all turned out to be true."
Fluorescent, check! Glow in the dark, fail! Yellow bath water, check! Perhaps the fact i am not a child is where it all went wrong for me, but i just did not find this enjoyable! First of all, however superficial, it bothers me how a bubble bar looks! I like it to be aesthetically pleasing, exciting! Like melomint was. Playdoze does look a bit like play-dough i suppose, i will give them that, but it just reminds me of one of those horrible slippy glittery willy shaped things that kids used to play with. God i hope people know what i'm talking about and don't just think im bonkers?!
I'm not sure if this ruined the rest of the bath for me, but i was just completely unimpressed by the smell, feel, colour, everything. Rubbish really. Don't recommend this one, unless you are a child? Then maybe you could let me know if it's good fun and makes you sleepy!

...Next please!
After this unfortunate bath experience i used the "Pleasure dough" bubble bar.
What Lush say:
"Wake late, take breakfast in bed, then rise at noon for a Pleasure Dough bath, scented with the blend of herbs and flowers adored by the 17th Century French courtesan, Ninon de Lenclos, who lived an exciting life to the age of 90, sharing her secrets with a select band of proteges. She used her favourite, personal perfume of lavender, rose, peppermint and orange blossom to seduce her lovers, including two marquises, the Cond, the Duc de Larochefoucauld and the odd abb or two. She was noted for her style, taste and politeness and other 'talents', so we're quite certain that she'll be delighted with this Bubble Bar."
Again, i wasn't very excited about this bubble bar, as i think it looks more like the stuffing you have with your christmas lunch, than something i want to lie in. It smelt very herby, a little too herby for my liking! I'm more of a creamy, fruity girl than the herbal kind! HOWEVER, unlike with playdoze, i wasn't completely dissatisfied with this bubble bar. Once it was in the bath i actually really liked the smell, i found it really calming and had a lovely relaxing bath. Unfortunately this was totally spoilt by the tonne of floating herbs that joined me.
I find things like this a bit yucky. It made the water look really dirty, like i had got in covered in leaves and half of my garden. A little bit of a shame, because i do think that it would have been lovely without this. I may give it another go and find somewhere of removing the floaters! Perhaps filter the bubble bar through something as i crumbled it in.
If you like herbs, this is perfect. If you don't, steer clear!
Who would have though one girl would have so much to say about a bath, i do apologise!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Retro Lush "Melomint" Bubble Bar

Retro lush bubble bar review numberrrr..i don't even know i've lost count, i hope it's not getting too boring! Constant nice lush baths certainly aren't, but i'm getting a bit lazy doing this part, hehe. I feel like i have to finish going through all of them now that i've said i was going to. I actually used this bubble bar over a week a go now and haven't blogged about it until now. It's such a nice one though!
Lush say, "Looks like a chunk of watermelon, smells like a stick of Blackpool Rock. It makes peppermint bubbles to wake you up and unclog your mental blockages. Give yourself a good loofah scrub in a Melominty bath and it'll give your whole body the same feeling your mouth gets when you brush your teeth. Have a stimulating Melomint revival in your morning bath."
Trueeeeee. I love the way that this bubble bar looks! The whole idea of this one excited me lots. The spearmint smell was quite overpowering when i first opened the package, so much so that all the other products in the order smelt of it until i used them. I wasn't sure how a much i would like a minty bath, but the smell was much more reserved once it was in the water and bubbling up!
My bath quickly filled up with watermelon seeds (bit of a pain) and turned a gorgeous creamy pink with a few little splatters of green through some of the bubbles! This bubble bar left my skin lovely and soft and luckily didn't leave a spearmint scent on me! I will be purchasing this again :)
Have you tried this one? Do you think you will?
Hope everyone's ok xxx

Monday, May 3, 2010

Doll Face Winners, Congratulations & Thank you ♥

First of all i want to say a massive thank you to everybody who entered, i had so much fun looking through the entries & genuinely loved each and every one of them! For that reason, and the fact that i know some of you that entered better than others, i thought that for me to pick the winners by myself would be unfair/bias! ...So i requested some help from a friend & my mummy! I got them to choose their top 3, i chose mine, we compared etc & came up with the winners. I am a bit sad that i still have two more favourites but not enough money for 5 prizes, and whoever had a top 5 contest?! Heheeee. So thank you so so much everybody

♥1st Place
Suzi! - we absolutely loved your entry, the make up is beautiful & you look gorgeous as a dolly!
♥2nd Place
Onna! - The effort & skill of your make up is so so good! We loved it, you look gorgeous & very dolly!

3rd Place
Abby! - Most people did different takes on the same sort of dolly look, but Abby went for a barbie doll look & how amazing does she look?! If i saw this close up picture and was told it was a doll, i might even believe it for a while ;)

Thank you so much again for everybody who entered, and everyone who is following me, which was the reason i did this in the first place! Congratulations to the winning dollies! Send me an email/tweet about the prizes & we can swap details & i will get them sent to you.
Lots of love xxx

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What i wore today; floral dress.

Evening girlies.
If you follow me on twitter you will have already seen this dress as i excitedly twitpicced it earlier before going out with my friend for coffee & cakes and then driving her back to university! I bought the dress in Topshop on Friday with Boo! It only cost £15, a nice surprise at the till because it didn't match the price tag, and i absolutely love it :)
I wore the dress with leggings & Topshop ballet shoes! On my lippies i wore MAC - Speed Dial, which seemed to match pretty nicely! Unfortunately my hair didn't cooperate so i scrunched it up on my head & off i went. We had a lovely day, hope you all had a good weekend too & enjoy the bank holiday.
I will be announcing the winners of my doll contest tomorrow hopefully!

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