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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When i mixed "snob" with "speed dial" & wore denim hot pants.

Not many words are needed for this post, i feel as though it is pretty self explanatory. I will just mention that i am aware my hair is in need of highlighting - i have a colour appointment booked this thursday :)
& that i have recently started mixing my lipsticks when i've got bored with some of the shades i have. This is MAC Speed Dial mixed with MAC Snob, both which i have featured in earlier posts if you are interested!
Hope everybody is well x

Sunday, August 29, 2010

When Anna met Zanna.

Hellooo girls.
A little bit of background to this post -
Almost a year ago now i started talking to a lovely girl called Zanna on a forum related to the course which we are both going to start at uni in September. I then started following a blog and quickly realised it was the same girl. Quite a strange coincidence seeing as Speech Science & fashion/beauty have absolutely no link whatsoever! So anyway, after we were both lucky enough (..and clever enough ;)) to get a place at our first choice - Sheffield, we decided to meet up before we officially start so that we knew each other properly :)
After a 3.5 hour train journey, Zanna met me off the train & we went back to her beautiful house where i stayed for a couple of days and had such a good time.
I expected that we would get on well as we had so much in common, but it was even better than i had thought, we were practically the same person & had such a laugh!
I thought i'd share a few photographs (actually there are loads!) with you, try not to be too jealous of her stunning looks/height, haiiii supermodel!
(fyi, the majority of these photos are of us messing about, we do not wear geek glasses or walk around with our gawky faces!)
I'm so excited to start uni & see Zanna again! Bring on freshers :)
Hope everyone is ok xxx

Sunday, August 22, 2010


♥ Outfit of the day, featuring my new wallpaper :)

Jumper - Topshop
Cream Tiered Top - Topshop
Leggings - H&M
Brown Belt - River Island
Ring - Primark

- my hair is not co-operating, so up it goes into this strange concoction. I MUST make a hair appointment asap, it really needs highlighting again!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm off to university.

Once again, sorry for the poor lighting resulting in rubbish quality of this photo!
Just thought i'd do a quick post of what i wore to go out on Thursday night with my girlies, featuring Alexandra & her outfit too :)
As you can see i wore this khaki playsuit, my new wedges & had my hair in a ponytail!
Alex wore lace leggings, gorgeous pale pink heels & black top :)
As most of you probably know, Thursday was A level results day, i did most of my A levels last year, but after getting poorly had one more to finish off this year while i worked & got some experience for my course, so i was over the moon as i got an A and had my place confirmed at Sheffield University to study Speech & Language Therapy, i cannot wait!
How did everybody else do? Hope you all got what you wanted!
Will i be seeing anybody else at Sheffield?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Wedges & Floral Playsuit

Hello girls, i am back momentarily (inbetween internet line transfers or something equally complicated and uninteresting) and in my new house, which i love! Thank you all for your lovely comments & nice wishes for the move, it went well thankfully :) - still all very stressful though!
Anyway, last night was the first night out i've had since i moved, and it was a good one! I just thought i'd show you what i wore, featuring these fabulous River Island wedges, which i'm pretty much in love with :)
I apologise for the poor lighting and quality of the picture below, but you get the idea! I wore the wedges with my floral playsuit that Boo bought me from Custard Boutique in Manchester.
I also used Sally Hansen Airbrush legs for the first time ever, which i have already gone out to buy again because it is literally the best leg tan i have ever used, i shall do a separate post about to show it's full potential!
Hope everyone is well :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm moving house.

Hello Girlies
As i write this little post to let you know what's happening with me, i'm packing up my bedroom (the last room in the house not to be organised..surprise surprise) and getting ready to begin the move! It's all very exciting, but going to be a very busy, stressful couple of days!
Once we're in the new house (sleeping there for the first time tomorrow night!) i'm not sure how long it will be until all the little things like internet access are sorted out, and so for now i shall be absent from here for a little while.
I'll be back soon, everybody take care and keep smiling xxx

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mrs Wippy Bath Ballistic

Perhaps one of my favourite new lush products, the Mrs Wippy bath ballistic...
I absolutely loved this! I usually avoid the bath ballistics and head straight for the bubble bars, but i'd heard that the new ones were quite bubbly and worth a try. So after having a little browse, i decided that this was my favourite scented product out of all the new items, and i quickly purchased one (the last one in the shop!). It is based on a "strawberry ice cream" and smells really gorgeous, vanilla and strawberry esque.
Lush say that it is made with soya milk powder which softens the water, making it milky and softening your skin.
Unlike the original bath ballistics, this one really "fluffed" up and was lovely and bubbly, it actually resembled ice cream as it fizzed away in the water.
I didn't stop talking about how nice it was, so much so that my lovely friend actually bought me another one when she went to try one out for herself. So i now have another wippy bath to look forward to :)
Have you tried any of the new bath ballistics? What did you think?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Flowers & a chunky braid.

Just a quick outfit and hair of the evening post :)
Top - Topshop
Black Leggings - H&M
Black Tube Top - Miss Selfridge
Belt - River Island

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