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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Retro Lush "Marzibain" Bubble Bar

Hello girls, hope everyone is ok & having a good week so far! I did actually use this bubble bar about a week ago now, but haven't had a chance to blog about it & i'm not feeling very enthusiastic right now either, my head hurts!
"It's a sweet cake that smells just like marzipan; whole almonds with a hint of rose and cassie absolutes make it smell like tasty almond icing." - This is what LUSH say, true story!
This bubble bar was one of the ones i was most excited about ordering when i look on the website because i really like almondy things usually! I think it is quite an acquired taste/smell? Not that many people seem to like it, and if you do you love it? I may be wrong! Anyway, i love marzipan (especially covered in chocolate) so thought that bubble form marzipan was a must have! I couldn't actually tell whether i liked it or not at first thanks to "melomint" being in the same order box and making it smell minty! When i crumbled it open though it was there, all almondy! I did really like the smell, but it wasn't my favourite/as nice as i wanted it to be. Don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining, it was nice honest!
In the bath was particularly creamy, nice white bubbles & a nice creamy soapy layer on the water, which i like. Like a lot of the bubble bars, marzibain didn't leave the scent on my skin after the bath, but it did leave it feeling really soft! More so than any of the other retro bars that i have tried/reviewed!
Overall, another gorgeous bubble bar from the retro range, i liked it lots & would order it again, you should too!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Retro Lush "It's A Date" Bubble Bar

Next up on my retro lush review list is the "it's a date" bubble bar, and it's a gooden! I received this in a different order to "happy", but unfortunately had a similar problem in that it was a bit too hard to crumble! I have since found out from the lovely Abby & her lush crush, that this happens if the bubble bar is old, so maybe something to watch out for with the retro lush items, they seem to be kept a bit longer than they are meant to be before being sent out to us! Not cool. Anyway, this bubble bar smelt absolutely amazing, and the colour of it was gorgeous too (although it doesn't look as bright as it was in these poorly taken, in my bedroom at night, pictures..). It has an actual date on the top of it, which i didn't want floating in my bath, and so i removed it before the crumbling commenced! As you can see in the third picture, i had trouble breaking it and had to hold in under the tap for a while to soften it, which resulted in my hands being pink and gooey, but smelling amazing for the rest of the night!
Whilst running my bath i realised that it smelt like something from my past, but had that frustrating mind block where you are certain that you recognise it and can remember the smell so clearly but just cannot think what it was or where you smelt it! After picking my brain, and talking to my lovely Alexandra about it, i got there, it smells like GLITTER BABES! Do you remember glitter babes? It was a range in Boots when i was in primary school or something! Anyway, the smell reminds me of that, its a gorgeous fruity and kind of powdery smell! Smells a little bit like "blush" candle by Lily Flame which is one of my favourites! Beyond the smell, look how amazing the colour of the water was, it was an amazing bright barbie pink, the picture was taken just as it started running, it ended up with lots of soft creamy bubbles. Heaven! I recommend this bubble bar to anybody who hasn't tried it, and it's one of the cheaper ones from the retro range, only £2.85.
Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, i'm off to have another bath..marzibain!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MAC Lipstick "Vegas Volt"

I bought this lipstick in the MAC store inside Selfridges in Manchester a couple of weeks a go when i was shopping with Boo. It's a much much brighter colour than it shows up as in these pictures (i wish it would show up and you could see properly!), it's such an amazing corally red, i absolutely love it. Next time you are in MAC have a little look! I have usually stuck to pinks and nudes in the past, but i'm getting bolder and brighter baby.
What do you think?

Retro Lush "Ice Hotel" Bubble Bar

So, next in line from my retro lush bubble bar collection was this, it's called "Ice Hotel" and was inspired by the real Ice Hotel in Sweden, which is literally made from huge blocks of ice. The design on the bubble bar, as you can see in the pictures, is meant to resemble these blocks of ice that are used for building the rooms. Mine is a little dusty and has a fingerprint on though. I was a little bit disappointed when comparing the bubble bar i received with the one featured on the website, the one they advertise with is covered in gorgeous yellowy-gold glitter, and as you can see mine was just white! No biggy though, it still smelt gorgeous.
Lush say that it is "scented with refreshing mint, lavender and benzoin, perfect for a reviving bath the morning after an evening of ice cold vodka shots" the minty smell was the most prominent when i crumbled it into the bath, but it wasn't overpowering, just right! I loved it and am not usually keen on this kind of thing, i prefer a creamier more girly scent usually. Unfortunately i hadn't been out on the vodka the night before, i'd been working :( But still, this bath was perfect to make me feel a little bit more alive the morning after, it completely relaxed my head and body, loved it!
This is another bubble bar from the retro collection that i would definitely recommend, it did everything i wanted (except be glittery, which i'm not too fussed about!), and also gave lovely soft white creamy bubbles/water which i didn't manage to get a picture of because i just couldn't wait to get in!
The next retro bubble bar which i have to try is "it's a date", so i'll snap away and let you know what i thought!
Do you think you will be trying this one? What's your favourite lush item (old or new)?
Have a lovely day & don't forget to enter my Dollface Contest :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Annabella, Boo & Chanel


Last Friday i went shopping in Manchester with my lover/friend/stalker Boo Jenkinson (hottrampiloveyouso.blogspot.com). The main purpose of our trip, other than to be completely obsessed with eachother, was to go halves on some Chanel temporary tattoos, and so we did! We went for a starbucks and decided who was going to have which, borrowed some scissors and started to cut them up between us. Then like the classy ladies we are we put one on Boo's wrist in the Harvey Nichols toilets! They are so pretty (the tats not the toilets), i love them, i've only used one so far as i'm thinking they will be much more useful in the summer when i have my skin out a little more!
Besides buying these and walking arond with chanel on our arms, i bought a pretty floral dress from a little boutique, some vintage scarves and "vegas volt" mac lipstick. Boo had her make up done in Selfridges & copied my foundation, which just to point out was all she really liked about me! Only joking, she's literally obsessed ;) So we did lots of shopping, lots of talking, drank several coffees, ate noodles, and then ended up sitting outside at Tiger Tiger with a glass of wine.
I had such a lovely time, did not stop laughing, and didn't want to leave, the only downer on the day was the fact i was hungover from the night before, silly girl!
Basically, I love boo & here a few snappies from the day.

Retro Lush "Happy" Bubble Bar

Hello pretty girlies. I hope you don't mind that this is another retro lush post, i did say it was gonna happen! I haven't done anything except work, bath & sleep this week really (poor me!), so i don't have much else to blog about! I will return to being thoroughly exciting soon though, you better know it ;)
As some of you might know from following me on twitter, i couldn't decide (out of the above bars that i have at the moment) which one to use a couple of evenings ago. "Happy" won the vote, which is probably a good thing because i said i was going to use them in order, and that was due to be next anyway! The smell of this bubble bar was lovely, one of the nicest from my little collection i thought.
Lush say "A Happy Bubble bath can't fail to bring a smile to your face. As well as the uplifting citrus oils of tangerine, neroli and orange blossom, we mix in a helping of sandalwood oil, a precious, soothing oil from the Far East. Sandalwood helps to rehydrate and soften your skin. It's very relaxing, takes away anxiety and makes you feel lovely all over. All that and bright blue, fragrant bath water!"
So they were completely right about the gorgeous colour of the water, the fact it smells amazing, and that it leaves your skin lovely and soft. They just failed to mention that it would be rock solid, either that or i was unlucky and got sent one that had either gone off, or was just from a bad batch. I don't know what the reason was, but either way i have never been so stressed trying to run a bath in my life!
It sounds like i'm joking, but i just could not get into this bubble
bar, it was impossible! I couldn't even cut through it with a knife. In the process of trying to crumble it, i snapped back my nail (massive ouch), stained my nails blue, made a huge blue mess in the bathroom and bent a knife. What a farce! All this for a nice, relaxing bath..ironic really.
After holding it under a boiling hot running tap for about 10 minutes it started to soften, still only slightly, and i finally managed to crumble it into the bath.
Once it was in, due to all this havoc the bubbles weren't nearly as good as normal, but the colour, smell, and feel of the bath was still gorgeous, and it' a good job because i was verging on having a breakdown! I would buy this again, to see if this was just a bad stroke of luck, because everything else was up at the top in terms of a good bubble bar!
Has anybody else ever had this problem with a bubble bar? Or has anybody used Happy and not had this problem? Ha, i don't think it is like a regular occurrence tbh, think i was just unlucky!
Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Retro Lush "Happy Birthday" Bubble Bar

Hello dollieees.
Retro lush item number two has now been tried and tested! This was the "Happy Birthday" bubble bar, which i absolutely loved. Unfortunately, i had to get myself this lovely "Happy Birthday" gesture, a month after my birthday, so not ideal ;) It was actually gorgeous though, so i'm not too bothered!
First of all, look how cute it is! Such a nice colour, and the little ribbon tied up in a bow like a present - the ribbon is now hanging next to my chanel one, smelling loooovely!
On the website it says "It smells like an orange cake with ice cream on top" - it doesn't, at all.
It smells really really nice, but i didn't smell orange in it at all! I wasn't disappointed by it though, It smelt really girly and creamy, a little bit like the "fairy dust" candle by Lily-flame if any of you have smelt that. In my opinion that is better than have an orange cake in your bath!
It was a gorgeous bubble bar though, lots of soft creamy bubbles (unfortunately i didn't snap them), i would definitely recommend it for a lush hungry friend's birthday!
Sorry that this post is so brief, i have lots to do! Hope that everyone is busy thinking of what to do for my dollface contest! Stay happy girls.

Monday, April 12, 2010

400 Followers Contest/Giveaway ♡

Goodness me, how has this even happened?! I started this blog in January as a place to rant, blab and fill my time, not expecting anyone to follow/care, but look at you little monkeys, you did! And i want to say a massive massive huge big thank you to every one of you!
I thought about having just a straight forward giveaway like i've seen on countless blogs, but after thinking about what to do i decided i wanted to mix it uppp a bit.
After some thinking and chats, i have decided to run a make up contest - again i have seen these done on other blogs and love the idea of it. I am ridiculously excited about seeing your entries! - please don't be shy, obv i don't expect all 400 of you to read this and enter, but i want lots of you to please please :)
I will mention the top three girlies, and announce them on my blog one month from now.
The winner will receive a MAC lipstick, in any colour that they would like, and a few other secret goodies that i will throw in!
I would like, actually i'd bloooooody love, you to create and send me a "doll face" look, do whatever you wish, be creative! Porcelain doll, rag doll, baby doll, i'm not fussy! I love "dolly" make up when it is played down for daytime or for a night out, but i'd love you to go mad with this if you're feeling it, don't hold back ;) Also, it's completely up to you whether you go all out and do the hair/make up/outfit, or just hair/make up, or just make up! i'll judge them each individually & give everybody a fair chance!

Here are a few pictures which i have found that my inspire you!

To enter:

Please be a follower of my blog and/or twitter

Submit your entry on your own blog and link me to it in the comments section of this post, or email it to Annaaabella@hotmail.com

(it would be quite helpful if you still comment to let me know you have sent it, just incase there are any problems and i haven't received it, i don't want to miss any!)

♡ There are no extra points for "promoting" the contest, but if you would like to then that would be lovely!

♡ Have fun with it & send/post your entry to me before the 1st of May please :)

Massive thank yous again girlies! ♡♡♡

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Retro Lush "Aura Suavis" Bubble Bar

I recently mentioned that i was going to buy one of each bubble bars from the retro section of Lush online, so that i could try some new ones & thought i would let you know what they are like! I love bubble bars, they are all i really obsess over from Lush & as there are only a few i was starting to get a little bit bored! Instead of choosing all the best ones first, i have just decided to buy a few at a time and buy/use them in the order that they appear on the website. So, in my first order i bought Aura Suavis, Happy Birthday, Happy & Ice Hotel. I have missed out Hollywood for now as it doesn't have very good reviews and costs a fiver, kind of an expensive bath! After a long, but amazing, day out in Manchester on friday i came home and used the first one - Aura Suavis. I'm not going to "review" it really, i'm just going to blah blah blah about what i thought :)
The way they come packed together when you order them online kind of makes them all smell the same at first, which annoys me a little bit because i'm so unimpressed until i use them properly. Even though i know this, and it is guaranteed that when i break them open they will smell completely different, it still bothers me every time unfortunately!
The Aura Suavis is made with sage, coriander, spearmint & geranium, which sounds like a pretty weird mix but somehow this ends up smelling like sweeties, or more specifically refreshers! I usually prefer a more creamy bath, and this is kind of zingy (because of the spearmint i think) but i still really liked it and would get it again i think. The bright pink part of the bar made the water a lovely pink colour & the bubbles were so soft, as perrr when talking about any of the bubble bars i would say!
I'm looking forward to using the next one after this, it's exciting, like discovering lush for the first time all over again! I would recommend the Aura Suavis, it isn't the best i've ever used, but it's up there!
Have you used any of the retro lush products? What do you think?
Don't be quiet, shout it out i wanna hear!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Little Easter Update.

Hai hai haiiii pretties!
Hope everybody is having a lovely easter weekend. It's my mum's birthday today, so i have been spoiling her all day, very tiring! I took her out for coffee/cakes this morning, which were baked by the queen's cake maker!?..baker?..whichever, they were delish! I also surprised her while we were out with her present..two tickets to see Whitney Houston on Friday. So i am obviously going to be her plus one & accompany her! A little bit excited about this, even though poor Whitney isn't what she used to be..i'm sure it will still be pretty fabulous. We are going to make a day of it and go shopping and for a nice meal beforehand, so it'll be a lovely day, can't wait!
In other news, i mentioned on twitter (if you follow me), that i am going to try out one of each 'Retro Lush' bubble bars, and placed my first order last night. I am just ordering them in the order they appear on the website, excluding Hollywood because it's a fiver and apparently not very nice, i will save it for when i have some extra cash ;)..i don't expect that to be anytime soon though! So, i am now waiting for Aura Suavis, Happy Birthday, Happy & Ice Hotel.
I'm not sure whether or not i will blog about them yet, do people want to see that sort of thing? Or is it boring? Would appreciate it if you let me know, before i start making you all vom with boredom :)
Here are a few obligatory photobooth snaps from Saturday night too, but show my hair & outfit a little better! The dress is absolutely beautiful, the pictures don't show it off very well, but it's from Topshop if you are taken with it! My earrings are from River Island, and my make up is as described in the post below :)
Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend off, unless you are working like me, in which case i hope it is bearable and you still manage to have a lovely day. I'm going to pop in the bath now & then probably continue with mother birthday spoiling duties, i.e. make her cups of tea.
Keep smiling everybody!

This is my face.

On saturday night, i wore:
- MAC studio fix fluid foundation in NW25
- Bourjois Eclat mineral radiance powder in 07 hale
- Bourjois Blush in 54 rose frisson
- Rimmel black kohl eyeliner pencil
- Eyelure false lashes (Nadine)
- MAC "Please Me" lipstick

Friday, April 2, 2010



These are just a few pictures (out of about 300!) from last saturday night. We went out for a joint friends birthday, but unfortunately one of the birthday girls was too poorly to make it & one of our other friends was in Paris. Bummer! Still managed to have one of the funniest nights ever. These pictures don't show even half of what we got up to, or the state we got into, but a girl doesn't like to show too much right?
I will do another post of what i wore & all the deeeeets another time :)
Hope everyone is ok & has a lovely Easter weekend.

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