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Saturday, February 27, 2010

This evening i was browsing through the photographs on my mac & found this picture of my (little) friend Daisy and me and my short shorts. It was a couple of summers ago in Manchester and i just really love the picture. That is all really. I haven't blogged anything remotely interesting this week, sorry. I will try and get back into it all soon but have just been constantly working, going out or tired, like now. So i'm off to use one of the many lush items i got for my birthday & get a nice early night. Living it up hey?
Have a happy weekend xx

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Birthday Pictures.
An assortment of pictures from the day/night of my birthday. I'll do a little explaining where i may need to, but plan on this being a picture heavy post. Please take into consideration that everyone (inc. strangers) was trying to get me absolutely hammered because it was my birthday..& they succeeded. Don't judge girls, ha ;)
My memories would be a little patchy if it weren't for the last few photos - and then my camera died, so the night went on in the fashion of the last couple of snaps. These guys are Neville, Jonathan & Benjamin. We met them at the bar because we asked what the cocktails they were ordering were (they looked gorgeous), they then proceeded to buy us one of the same, get us some shots, and make the night into something so surreal but too funny to even begin to tell. Got to love it. My friend ended up swopping scarves with Neville, so we have to go swop back this thursday, going to be interesting..

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What i Wore.
So, thursday the 18th February was my birthday. I went out and ended up having one of the best nights of my life, it was so so funny. I will follow this post with "what happened" when i'm feeling a little less tired. But here is what i wore!
I was running behind time & couldn't get my hair to look nice so i just wacked it up on top of my head, literally, so it's not looking the best, haha. Also, i look a little miserable in the second picture but i was lovingggg it, just a bit late, ha.
In this picture, i was so so drunk, but it shows off my outfit quite nicely! More of these sorts will follow in the "what happened" post ;)

Hope that everyone has a lovely weekend, keep smiling! ♡♡♡

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nicole Richie for Marie Claire ♥
Nicole Richie, if you don't know, is my idol if i had to choose one. I love everything she wears, pretty much without exception & just think she looks stunning all the time. I know i'm a little late posting these pictures from her Marie Claire shoot this month, but better late than never. What a beautiful lady!
Photo source: Photographed by Ben Watts, www.marieclaire.co.uk.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Pregnant Barbie Doll.
Completely and utterly bizzare? This is one of the pictures i'm using for inspiration for a film i am making for some coursework. Intriguing i know but i'm not going to spill anything yet, incase it all goes horribly wrong, or i simply change my mind. What are your thoughts on this doll, kind of creepy & a bit wrong or something natural & necessary?

PS. Since when did Barbie have a stick on vagina?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Natural Face & Legs With Lace.
This post was getting on my nerves, it was messy & like i said at the bottom of it, i'd been a bit blog sick all over the page. So i've actually decided to delete it, how erratic. Basically, the update was that i'd done a lot of shopping, been wearing my make up & hair natural & was experimenting with lace tights. I also hoped that everybody had had a lovely weekend, this still stands! xx

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