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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Wargaming the Electoral College

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Wargaming the Electoral College: Vodkapundit
The Orwellian American Left: DLim
Ten Reasons To Love Rick Perry : CDNews

Battlefield Main Street: Daily
Pelosi retreats from Gingrich insinuations: Lane
Newt fires back at Pelosi: Bring it on!: Scoop


Dodd-Frank Rules Will Crush Employment, Banks Warn: IBD
On Payroll Taxes, Milton Friedman and TANSTAAFL: AllAm
Jesse Jackson: "Christmas Should Be Poor People’s Holy Day": WZ

Congressional Insider Trading and the Media: Schweizer Speaks: NB
New Signs Of “Invisible” Bank Run in Southern Europe: WorldCrunch
Fed may give loans to IMF to help euro zone: paper: Reuters

Gunrunner & Energygate

Justice Dept. Caught In Lie About 'Fast And Furious': IBD
Friday 'Document Dump' Reveals DOJ Misled Congress: PJM
Hey, Guess Who Else Profited From Corzine's Debacle?: Ace

Climate & Energy

Climategate 2 Emails Loaded with Bombshells : Heartland
A loophole in the incandescent light bulb ban?: WyBlog
Science of Public Choice Reveals Government is Motivated by Politics and Not by Science: Hayek


Iran, Orwell & The Enigma Of Greenwald: Wolf Howling
Another Liberal Talk Radio Failure; San Fran Lib Station Replaced With Conservative Talk: Loesch
My Affair With Herman Cain: Riehl

Drudge headline that cost Newt 1,000,000 votes: Surber
Disgraced CNN Journalist Who Accused U.S. Troops of Atrocities to Produce GOP Debate: NB
GOP Moderator Donald Trump: Yeah, Obama's Birth Certificate Looks Pretty Fake To Me: Ace

Pedophilia Rampant In Hollywood, And Everyone Looks The Other Way, Charge Former Child Stars: Ace
Glenn Reynolds: Let’s put colleges on the hook for loans that their students can’t repay: Hot Air
Does Liberal Media Ever Identify Anyone as 'Liberal'?: ChicagoNow


A dubious death in Dubai: Officials tight-lipped over Iranian expat’s ‘suicide’: Timmerman
'Israel biggest loser from Brotherhood Egypt win': JPost
Despite Massive Fraud, Putin Loses Seats: PJM

Three Slaps and You're Out?: Baehr
Report: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Put On “War Footing” After Explosions Rock Key Nuclear Installations: WZ
Chavez Price Caps Spark Panic Buying of Coffee, Toilet Paper: Bloomberg

Report: UN to tax Americans for Green Climate Fund: Bruce
Egypt’s Rising Salafi Party Says Christians Will Be Better Off Under Sharia Law: WZ
The Arab Spring: Lancing The Boil: RWN


Could HTC phones be banned from the U.S.? (FAQ): CNet
Potentially Earth-Like Planet Has Right Temperature for Life: Wired
Yahoo lesson: Don't get comfortable, it'll kill your business: smh


17 Days of Fun, Fun, Fun ~ The Obama Hawaii Vacation: GJ&JK
Kennedy Center Tributes: Sapphires, Diamonds & Salvation: MOTUS
New Bumper-Sticker Idea: Looking Spoon

Image: The Daily: Battlefield Main Street
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "One thing that emerges from the new emails is that, while a large number of scientists are working on separate, detailed nodes of climate-related issues (the reason for dozens of authors for every IPCC report chapter), the circle of scientists who control the syntheses that go into IPCC reports and the national climate reports that the U.S. and other governments occasionally produce is quite small and partial to particular outcomes of these periodic assessments. The way the process works in practice casts a shadow over one of the favorite claims of the climate campaign​—​namely, that there exists a firm “consensus” about catastrophic future warming among thousands of scientists. This so-called consensus reflects only the views of a much smaller subset of gatekeepers." --Steven Hayward

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