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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: FDR's Class Warfare: A Tutorial For Obama

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FDR's Class Warfare: A Tutorial For Obama: AmSpec
Reining in the Feds: Rubio
POTUS cancels Hawaii trip after getting blasted by Romney: Hill

ACORN Visits Obama White House: Vadum
Obama Pursues Rich and Poor, Not White Working Class: Barone
Hillary Campaign Conspicuously Emerges: USN

Obama Promises to Save the Middle Class by Enslaving It: Reason
2008 Presidential Primary Election Fraud Probe Heats Up: Ace
Chart of the Day: Food Stamp Recession Curve: Mish


Obama Gives SEIU A $4B Christmas Present: S&L
Congress should stop subsidizing Buffet's health care: Foundry
How the economy would change under Newt Gingrich: Yahoo!

Five Big Lies in Obama's Economic Fairness Speech: IBD
How to Ruin Your Life: Mead
ObamaCare Rule May Bar HSAs, Low-Cost Health Plans: IBD

Gunrunner & Energygate

New e-mails: ATF officials discussed using Fast & Furious to … push gun control: Hot Air
Sen. Grassley Calls for Assistant A.G.’s Resignation from Senate Floor over ‘Fast and Furious’: BigGovt
What Does Sec. of State Clinton Know About Fast and Furious (and El Paso)?: BigGovt

Holder Testifies at 10AM ET on "Fast and Furious": C-SPAN
'Obama Blamed US Guns for Mexican Violence – Then He Set Out to Prove Himself Right': GWP
New Fast and Furious Memo Backs Up Whistleblower Testimony: AT

Climate & Energy

Oil-rich America?: Hanson
Eight Warning Signs of Junk Science: Armed & Dangerous
Priorities: Your DHS Now Fighting For Environmental Justice: Ace


Lib media journos punked by fake SEIU press release: Malkin
David Brooks and the Cost of Regulation: Ricochet
GOP Strategist Laughs in Chris Matthews' Face, Mocks His View of 'Sophisticated Voters': NB

Krauthammer slams Panetta for attacking Israel over no peace process: Scoop
Channeling Milton Friedman to a conservative victory: Wolf
Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Plane (Delaying Flight For Everyone Else) For Refusing To Turn Off Electronic Device: Ace


The Covert Intelligence War Against Iran: Stratfor
West has new, hardline martyr-in-waiting to fear: Creeping
German Politician: Euro Downgrade Is an American Plot: WklyStd

W.H. Classifies Nidal Hassan's Terrorist Attack on Ft. Hood as... ... ... "Workplace Violence": Ace
The Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Candidates Forum Winner Is…: PJM
Terrorist-Linked CAIR Peddling Islam in Tampa Bay, FL High Schools: Creeping


AT&T rated worst cell phone carrier for second year in a row: CNet
$100 tablet now shipping with Android 4.0: CNet
Mercedes C- and E-Class coupes to get AWD option next year: Autoblog


Remembering Pearl Harbor (and here): Ace
What Do Shoplifters Steal Most During the Holidays?: Marfdrat
The Best Quotes From “Evil: Inside Human Violence and Cruelty”: RWN

Image: iOwnTheWorld
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QOTD: "This year alone, 772 regulatory documents have been deemed “significant” under the president’s definition, heaping an estimated $230 billion in new compliance costs on the struggling economy. A staggering 76,292 pages of regulations have been added to the Federal Register, and the expected paperwork burden for businesses stands at 119.4 million hours per year. Regulations based on sound science that keep the American people safe are an important function of the federal government, but it is quite clear that our runaway regulatory system must be reined in to help foster private-sector job creation. An estimate from the American Action Forum finds that passage of the REINS Act could yield regulatory cost savings of over $40 billion and save 55,000 jobs." --Sen. Marco Rubio

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