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Friday, December 9, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Eric Holder’s definition of "lying"

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Eric Holder’s definition of “lying”: Toldjah
Holder, Blago and Richardson: Triangle of Sleaze: RWN
Santorum's Surge: Tells Palin Supporters, ‘I’m Your Guy’: RSM

Among Independents, Romney, Gingrich lead Obama in OH, FL: WS
A Square Deal in a Round Hole: NoisyRm
Every Word This Guy Writes Is A Perfect Valentine: Ace

Rhodes Cook: The Republican Field May Not Be Closed: Wizbang
Perry, Bachmann Latest to Decline Trump Debate: Malkin
Dem Staffers Tweet About On-the-Job Drinking: NWDM


Obama To Veto Payroll Tax Extension If Pipeline Comes With It: RS
Obama: Man on a Mission: Goldberg
Governors of CA and NY Encourage Employers to Kindly Leave: ATR

Obama’s economic plan? Back to the ’70s!: Peth
Special Michelle Hawaii Flight Would Cost Thousands: Dossier
Boeing Machinists Ask NLRB to End Complaint: BizWk

Gunrunner & Energygate

A Plot To Undermine The Right To Bear Arms: IBD
Issa vs. Holder: 'Have You No Shame?': Ace
More Video From Holder Hearing: The Mitchell/McCarthy Exchange: Ace

Documents: ATF used "Fast and Furious" to make the case for gun regulations: Attkisson
Gunwalker Goes ‘Legal’: Obama Admin Massively Increased Gun Sales to Mexican Military: Owens
Finally: Holder debunks the “Bush lied” meme: Hot Air

Climate & Energy

Tim Barnett on the hockey stick -- team knew of problems with Mann’s "reconstruction": Watts
Ethics Group Says Government Suppressed Chevrolet Volt Evidence: Truth About Cars
Transportation Secretary: NHTSA didn't hide Chevy Volt fire information: Freep

UN Climate Text Demands 'International Climate Court' to compel reparations for 'climate debt': Depot
Climate Corruption 101: Rosett
EPA Links Shale Gas ‘Fracking’ To Wyoming Water Contamination: IBD


Newt Was Found Innocent Nearly 13 Years Ago – Networks Have Yet To Report It: NB
The Second Coming: That Would Be Carter, Not Jesus: Regan
The RJC 2012 Presidential Candidates Forum--Paulbots need not apply: Times

Chicago Tribune Federal Wiretap Leaker Stands By Blago: Cary
Credit Where It’s Due: Politico’s Ben Smith Exposes Media Matters, CAP as Anti-Israel Democrat Orgs: BigJourn
Obama’s Kansas speech:Three Pinocchios: WaPo

WaPo Super Genius Ezra Klein Figures Out U.S. Deficit Crisis: We Have An “Insufficiently Large Welfare State”: WZ
Anti-Jihad Blogger Announces Official Endorsement for President of the United States of America: Zilla
Republican Experts Need to Get With The Program: Glob


Obama's Dream for Iran Becoming a Nuclear Nightmare: Kahlili
"Core institutions" of the president's party turn against Israel.: Taranto
Saudi Prince Calls for Kingdom to Acquire WMDs: OilPrice

L.A. Man to Plead Guilty in Fort Hood Inspired Plot - Non-Terrorist "Workplace Violence" on Rise: Jawa
Indicted Yet Somehow Still Free Terrorist in Norway Calls for Attacks Against US: Jawa
Exclusive: EU bank capital hole deepens to 115 billion euros: Reuters

Moody's Downgrades French Banks Again Citing Significant Deterioration in Liquidity and Funding Conditions: Mish
China's Pollution Data Shrouded in Official Fog: Fox
Saudi Arabia: Australian man faces 500 lashes for blasphemy: News AU


Four Romanians Indicted for Hacking Subway, Other Retailers: Wired
AT&T throttles speeds for heavy data users: CNet
Why Twitter is becoming more like Facebook: CNet


Roads to Leesburg: Mudville
Yikes! MythBusters Misfire Sends Cannonball Bounding Into Neighborhood: Marfdrat
Pardon Me Waiter, There’s a Fly in My Soup: MOTUS

Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Santorum for President

QOTD: "Also we have applied a completely artificial adjustment to the data after 1960, so they look closer to observed temperatures than the tree-ring data actually were." --Climate 'scientist' Tim Osborne

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