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Sunday, December 4, 2011

In 1939, Eric Ambler Described the Obama Regime

Eric Ambler was the father of the modern espionage novel. In his 1939 work Cause for Alarm, Englishman Nick Marlow -- an engineer and salesman of machine tools used to make armaments -- finds himself trapped in prewar fascist Italy. Police, corrupt officials and spies are searching for him; he is on the run along with an associate well-familiar with the world of espionage and clandestine operations. That associate describes the lay of the land to Marlow, who believes himself an innocent wrongly accused of aiding Italy's enemies.

My friend, when you're above the law, when you are the law, the phrase about ends justifying means has a real meaning. Put yourself in their place. If you felt that the state which you worshipped above your God was endangered by the life of one insignificant man, would you hesitate to have him shot? I can tell you that you wouldn't.

That's the danger of Fascism, of state-worship.

It supposes an absolute, an ego-centric unit. The idea of the state is not rooted in the masses, it is not of the people. It is an abstract, a God-idea, a psychic dung-hill raised to shore up an economic system that is no longer safe. When you're on the top of that sort of dung-hill, it doesn't matter whether the ends in reality are good or bad. The fact that they are your ends makes them good--for you.

Isn't that an apt phrase to describe today's radicalized Democrat Party and its sycophants in legacy media?

They are state-worshipers. Government can do no wrong, despite copious amounts of history, facts, logic, reason and common sense that would say otherwise.

Their religion is the state. And, for them, the ends always justify the means.

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