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Monday, December 5, 2011

Deranged Propaganda Cartoonist Pat Oliphant Has a Simple Message for America: Republicans Are Pedophiles

Thank goodness we're in the post-Gabbi Giffords era, where political discourse is rational, reasoned and based strictly upon policy differences:

Progressives, the vultures of tragedy, aren’t above exploiting it for a political purpose. (See the funeral of Paul Wellstone, Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, the Tucson shooting.) Cartoonist Pat Oliphant is no exception: his latest attention-seeking panel compares Republicans to child rapists.

Factually, the only two lawmakers have been making news with child abuse scandal headlines and they’re both Democrats: David Wu and Dale Kildee.

People complain about polarization in politics -- well, let this putz serve as Exhibit A.

Rather than discuss the Democrats' failed 'War on Poverty, their complete disregard for the nation's highest law or their rampant support of election fraud, this pencil-necked kook enjoys creating Julius Streicher-like agit-prop.

Hey, miscreant: next time, why not just depict Republicans as rats who need to be thrown into concentration camps, like your hero Streicher used to do?

You're scum, Oliphant. You. Are. Scum.

Hat tip: JTT

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