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Monday, November 7, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Mob Mentality in DC

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Mob Mentality in DC: Pundette
The White House Goes Dr. Strangelove: Lewis
Brief thoughts on the Cain/Gingrich Lincoln-Douglas debate: ProWis

Politico vs. Herman Cain by the Numbers: LI
Ellison’s Plan to Export Minnesota Voter Fraud to the Nation: EIW
Rediscovered 2004 ad shows Obama's rhetorical themes: DC

E-Day Minus One Year: Golf: Dossier
Birth of the Democrat Party's Campaign Tactics: BigG
Cain Lied, Then Lashed Out At The Media: Riehl


U.S. Debt on Track to Fuel Economic Crisis Like Greece: Foundry
Budget Fairy Tales, Left and Right: Samuelson
G20 Dysfunctional Family Reunion Recap: RWN

Why Ohio Issue 2 Needs to Pass: Virthuous
Rent Seekers and Other Strange Parasites: Six Meat
DNC Outsources Charlotte Jobs to Beltway Union Shop: RS


#OccupyDC — this is what mob rule looks like: ProWis
Occupy Fort Collins Arsonist a Ron Paulian: JWF
Boston: Pro-Palestinian protesters 'storm' Israeli Consulate: ynet

Gunrunner & Energygate

Just the facts on Fast and Furious: Hill
Issa-Grassley Want to Know Who Leaked Sensitive Info About ATF Whistleblower: Tickle
Endemic Corruption: CFP

Climate & Energy

Duke Energy: Don't Use EV Charging Stations As Fire Involving Chevy Volts Possible: Instapundit
NCDC data shows that the contiguous USA has not warmed in the past decade: Watts
Another Burning Chevy Volt Destroys NC House: Soylent Green


Kathleen Willey Infuriated By Media Firestorm Over Cain's Alleged Sexual Harassment: NB
Leonard Pitts: Only Liberals Like Me Are Allowed To Play The Race Card!: RWN
Flashback: Andy Rooney Recognized Media’s Liberalism and Espoused It Himself: NB

Media obsessed with nonsense; the voters and I are not: Cain
George Will: While Teaching Constitutional Law GOP Congress-Blaming Obama Missed There's a Senate: NB
Howard Kurtz Grills Politico‘s Jonathan Martin On Herman Cain Alleged Sexual Harassment Reporting: Mediate

Why I Helped Found NotMittRomney.com: Hawkins
Milbank: You’ve Got the Power; Now Use It: Cato
Double Standard Much?: Modicum of Insanity


Islam is Fear, Part II: GoV
Muslim Prayers of Hate: Ibrahim
Strike on Iran more likely than diplomatic solution, Peres says: Israel Hayom

Italy Wobbles, and a Demon Appears in the Clouds: Ledeen
Italian Debt Yields Soar to Euro-Era Record; 2-Year Yield Surges 70 Basis Points to 6.17%: Mish
E.Coli in Organic Food Leads to 50 Dead in Germany: PJM

80,000 Muslims Kneel Down and Pray On Street--in Moscow: CNS
Navy Seals speak out: How we killed 'Bert' Laden: Telegraph (AU)
Media Battlezone Prep: Eyesight to the Blind: Leather Penguin


Can MapReduce be Made Easy?: Forbes
The Darker Side of Apple: The Human Cost of Your iProducts: Yahoo!
New Light Machine Gun Aims to Cut Load: Military


The Sugar-High is Gone, and Were Running out of Gravy: MOTUS
Dog Chain of Command: SHN
Patience Please: AmDigest

Occupy Wall Street: Now Certified Halal: MOTUS
California Reagan Statue Damaged in Attempted Heist: GWP
Japanese Sign Final Surrender: Newsreel

Image: Maggie's Notebook
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "In another assessment of shooting while under physical stress, Soldiers wore body armor and sprinted 200 yards with their weapons and a basic load of ammunition, then rapidly engaged close-range targets from the standing position. Again, they performed this task with both weapons. Many Soldiers saw an improvement in their overall time with the lighter weapon.

"Today we ran with the LSAT and with the SAW," said Cpl. Nickolaus Hammack, one of the military police Soldiers participating in the assessment. "Both were pretty trying but the SAW hands down is way heavier.

"Especially going up a hill, you feel the weight on you," he added. "LSAT is a lot lighter weapon. It really is a joy to have." ... "I could see a whole squad carrying it (the LMG)," he said. "You would own the battlefield." --Army News Service

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