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Friday, November 4, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Why our blacks are better than their blacks

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Why our blacks are better than their blacks: Coulter
OWS-supporting Men's Wearhouse Vandalized by Protesters: PunPre
Wasserman-Schultz on when life begins: CNS

Former NRA Chairman on Cain Hit-Piece: "It's a Hatchet Job": DC
The Cain Disaster: Tabin
Don't Underestimate Cain: AmSpec

More ugly Occupy pictures that won’t make your front page: Malkin
ObamaCare's Billions In Hidden Pork For Unions: IBD
Obama’s Drug Shortage Demagoguery: RWN


Obama Justice Dept. Looking to Legalize Perjury?: PJM
Planned Parenthood Accused of Medicaid Fraud: LifeNews
#OccupySetup: Dems Intro 'Steal From Rich, Give To Poor' Tax Act: RS

40 House GOP Petition for More Revenue?: Hot Air
Pelosi: Without Obama Stimulus, Unemployment Would Be 15%: CNS
Freddie Mac: A Bottomless Pit Of Taxpayer Losses?: IBD

Gunrunner & Energygate

House Panel Votes To Subpena White House Documents Related To Solyndra: Ace
For Sen. Feinstein, Gunwalker Still an Excuse to Push Gun Control: Owens
FBI: House majority leader's family threatened: AP

Climate & Energy

Newsbytes: New Research Reveals IPCC In Bed With Green Lobbies: Watts
Sen. Paul seeks Dem backing in EPA floor battle: Hill
Trenberth: null and void: Watts


What did Politico know and when did they know it?: ProWis
Networks Hit Cain Story 50 Times in Less Than Four Days; Ignored Clinton Scandals: NB
ACORN Officials Firing Workers and Shredding Documents After Exposed as Behind Occupy Wall Street: Fox

Media Finally Reporting Rapes, Sexual Assaults at Occupy Sites: Ace
South Park Mocks Occupy Wall Street, Michael Moore: WZ
40 Of The Most Bad-Ass, Masculine, Manly, Alpha Male Quotes Of All-Time: RWN


The left’s push for “change” is stunningly familiar to me: I worked for Ceausescu.: Pacepa
Photo of the Day: Obama (Literally) Embraces Anti-Israel, Pro-Iran Islamist on the World Stage: BigPeace
As Athens Debates Bailout, EU Weighs Greek Exit: CNBC

CAIR Outraged Christians Holding Prayer Event At Detroit’s Ford Field: WZ
Indonesia: Islamist Group Calls For Destruction of “Un-Islamic” Statues of Other Religions: WZ
MF Bankruptcy Ignites Foreign Bank Liquidity Scramble, Harbinger Of Major Eurobank Stress: ZH


Don't get scammed when selling your old iPhone: CNet
Bank catches thief in the act - the yucky world of insider fraud: Sophos
Siri, we have to talk; our communication stinks: CNet


Life imitates art at Occupy Wall Street: Bookworm
Ten Things You May Not Know About James Bond's Employers: Insider
#OccupyChristmas – “Buy Nothing Day” Is Here!: Spew

Image: Looking At The Left
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Nothing has changed and absolutely nothing has been accomplished. There is no “solution” to the crisis that will not result in massive pain, confusion and wealth decimation. The reason is patently obvious. At least half the continent is completely and helplessly bankrupt. There are only two outcomes to the entire situation. Either the sovereign debts are written off aggressively and the banking system declared insolvent and restructured or the ECB decides to turn on those printing presses to the tune of trillions and destroys the purchasing power of the union in Zimbabwe-like fashion. People will read this and think I am exaggerating . The phrase “it takes 5 minutes” keeps running through my head because all it takes is a small amount of time to see the situation for what it is. I am not that smart. This is obvious. The scary thing is that it is abundantly clear that the vast majority of U.S. investors have not bothered to take the 5 minutes necessary to understand how extreme and binary the outcomes to all this is. Their clients will suffer massively in the months and years ahead as a result of their laziness and lack of macro curiosity." --Mike Krieger

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