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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Presence of Malice and the Conservative Portrait of the President

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Presence of Malice and a Conservative Portrait of the President: Digest
Congress is a criminal enterprise: Chicago Boyz
Obama: I will veto any effort to stop defense cuts: NatlJrnl

Doomed by Design: the SuperFail Committee: Malkin
Soros helped craft stimulus, then profited from it: BigGov
Searching for the perfect candidate: Thomas

The Constitution: nice while it lasted: Cold Fury
New Law Cuts Ties Between FBI and Terror-Tied Groups: PJM
The Private Life of Governor Rick Perry: RedState


Goldman CEO leads in White House visits, Obama fundraising: Exam
Fannie and Freddie University: Hanson
Congress Must Still Do Its Job, Supercommittee or Not: Foundry

EuroCrisis 2011: What you missed while you slept (11-22-2011): Peth
MF Global: Company Shortfall Could Be Double Estimate: Malkin
Occupy Protesters Crapping Inside St. Paul's Cathedral: GWP

Gunrunner & Energygate

Issa: If Eric Holder is not ‘doomed,’ the Obama administration is: DC
U. S. Government May Be Primary Suppliers of Mexican Drug Cartel Guns: BigGov
Solyndra Price Tag Rises Another $14.3 Million: Malkin

Climate & Energy

We don’t need no steenkin’ energy!: Cold Fury
Smart meters blamed for Wi-Fi router traffic jam: CNet
Is solar the new ethanol?: Exam


All Three Networks Hype 'Ugly' Pepper Spray 'Outrage,' Played Down Occupy Crimes: NB
Obama crony Rezko sentenced Tuesday; Chicago Trib article about it doesn't mention president: Marathon
The Left's Pathetic Attempt to Re-brand Obama: Glob

The 20 Most Influential Conservative Women In Politics: RWN
MSNBC Contributor Suggests It's Immoral to Lay Off Govt. Workers: NB
Not Gridlock, but Democracy: Morris


Fear of a German Europe: Foreign Policy
CIA agents spying on Hizballah and Iran caught, feared dead: JihadWatch
What Preserves Israel?: INN

Obama’s Muslim Advisers Block Middle Eastern Christians’ Access to White House: Creeping
Lech Walesa Unveils Reagan Statue in Warsaw: “Without Reagan There Would Be No Poland”: GWP
New DHS Counterterrorism Czar Refuses to Use Terms Radicalization, Jihadist, Islamist: Creeping

German press irked by US, pushes WH on debt: Exam
2 Texas Mayors View Differs On Using War-Zone Equipment Along Border: Borderland
Video: Saudi Prince Fahd Bin Sultan lashes his companions for money: LeadersTube


The Facebook Phone: It’s Finally Real and Its Name Is Buffy: AllThingsD
Siri Hacked to Control a Thermostat — What’s Next?: Wired
GAO Audit Of IRS Highlights Common Database And Access Control Woes: DarkReading


Bizarre classroom posters from the '70s, Part 2: Westword
The Top Five Reasons To Be a Commie Pinko: PJM
LOL! OWSers Get Creative!: Morning Spew

Image: The Looking Spoon, via Moonbattery
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "As of this week, the state [of Illinois] has 162,934 unpaid vouchers totaling $3.525 billion, dating back to July 8, 2011." --Brad Hahn, spokesman for Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, confirming the state is months behind in payments to schools, Medicaid providers and state vendors

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