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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Deficit Reduction Fever and Pork Chop Patty Murray

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Deficit Reduction Fever: Steyn
Super Committee Party time for Pork Chop Patty Murray: Malkin
The Supercommittee's Emerging Secret Deal: Hewitt

Occupy Protesters Force Me to Work Overtime in Photoshop: Jawa
Scoring the #CBSNJDebate: Tatler
Obama's Virginia Defeat: Strassel

Bachmann Dominates CBS News/Nat'l Journal Debate: AmPower
Once written off, Gingrich surges: Times
Photos: Cops clear out Occupy Denver tent city: Marathon


Fannie, Freddie led mortgage market to the collapse: Exam
Romney: Send Out the Aides!: Kaus
Congress Members Took Part in Insider Trading: Abramoff: CNBC

4.5M have lost coverage since Obamamcare passed: LoneCon
CBS poll: Obama approval on economy still falling: Hot Air
The high price of political payback at McCormick Place: Crain's

Gunrunner & Energygate

Obama Supporter’s Company Wins $433 Million No-Bid Contract for Experimental Smallpox Drug: Malkin
White House Email: 'Coming Storm' Over Solyndra 'And Other Inside DOE Deals': ABC
Losing the Mandate of Heaven. Joe Paterno, the Gunwalker Scandal and the crisis of legitimacy.: SSI

Climate & Energy

Renewable Energy: Bubble, Scam, or Both?: Power Line
The End of the Light Bulb as We Know It: PJM
Obama Caves to Insatiable Wing of Party, Delays Keystone Pipeline: ATR


Bloomberg Ignores Multiple Scandals of the Obama Administration: BigJ
The Big Loser of the Night: CBS: NRO
Univ of Maryland student govt unanimously votes for…silencing truth about Islam: Creeping

Bachmann accuses CBS of planning biased debate, shows emails as proof: Hill
Occupy Denver Tries To Storm BlogCon, Hippy Body Slam Ensues: WZ
Rusty Endorses Newt Gingrich for President: Jawa Report

Gingrich schools Pelley on “rule of law” on terrorists: Hot Air
Amerika, Oh, Amerika: Garden Serf
Herman Cain unwittingly takes lie detector test and... passes: Daily Mail

Penn State-Just The Beginning Of A Major Bombshell: Pagan Temple
Penn State and the Failure of Masculinity: First Things
If you were still not convinced about Politico's leanings....: Politico


Islamists Take Over Egypt: Library of Alexandria to Be Burned Again; Food for Half-Price: Hudson
Why Did Sarkozy and Obama ‘Dis’ Bibi?: BRubin
Statistics!: Jawa Report

Iran on Nuclear Threshold: AmSpec
Obama Orders U.S. to Spy More on Israel: Founding Bloggers
Google releases satellite images of possible Iranian nuclear facilities: Daily Mail (UK)


U.S. wins Twitter battle against foreign WikiLeaks collaborator: ZDNet
Anonymous and LulzSec trawl Google Code search for security holes: Sophos
Primal Experiment: Intentional Power Outage: Mark's Daily Apple


A Veteran I was Fortunate to Know: Ace
A Day of Do-Overs: MOTUS
The Veteran I Knew Best: Ace

Nationals’ Wilson Ramos tells of kidnapping ordeal: Times
Saturday Night Live Ends Show With A Lot of Electronic Sex: Mediate
Every Generation: FreedomWorks

Image: People's Cube
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: A Letter Written by a Dear Friend

QOTD: "I think the arrogance, and frankly, the sometimes latent anti-Semitism that the Europeans have, that has been tragic over and over again…I mean, you know, here’s a man…Bibi Netanyahu is worried about the very survival of his country. He has in the Palestinian Authority somebody who is a clear public liar, who has said that ultimately, they don’t want a peace agreement, they want to get rid of Israel. He has in Hamas a mortal enemy. He has in Hezbollah a mortal enemy. He has in Iran Ahmadinejad, a dictator who says he wants to eliminate Israel from the face of the Earth. And yet their nasty comments are aimed at Netanyahu? I mean, it tells you just what’s wrong with the elites in Europe, and frankly, the elites in the United States." --Newt Gingrich

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