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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: 100 Criminal Investigations Of Obama Stimulus Spending

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100 Criminal Investigations Of Obama Stimulus Spending: Hayward
Great: Obama DOJ Says it Won’t Lie About FOIA’d Docs: Tatler
Joe Biden conspicuously silent on Occupier sex-crime spree: DC

Cain Accuser Chooses Not to Explain Settlement: Ace
Jobs Report More Bad News for Obama: Dossier
Time for the Occupy Mob to Call It Quits: RWN

Man Avoids Jail by Faking Illegal Immigrant Status: Bruce
Iowa Cain Accuser Appears To Have Anti-Cain Agenda: NiceDeb
Romney friends give ammo to critics: Politico


Occupy What?: Hanson
Bonuses For the Bankrupt: Hayward
Nine Takeaways From October Jobs Report: IBD

Tiffany-Twisted: Wizbang
For Jobs, Best Stimulus Is No Stimulus: IBD
Helping to Explain Greece’s Collapse in a Single Picture: Cato

Corzine Crony Relents on Rule Change, Maybe Saving $630M: Ace
Chicago ACORN-Like Nonprofit Accused of Mortgage Fraud: Rebel
How to Fix the Housing Crisis: Mises


Add ‘Arson’ To #Occupy Activists Checklist – $10 Million In Damages: SHN
How One Man With a Shotgun Turned Occupy Oakland on Its Heels: AllAm
Hypocritical Occupy Oakland Supporters Denounce Anarchy and Violence of Occupy Oakland Protesters: AmPow

#OWS Protesters Attempt to Storm AFP Defending the American Dream Summit: RSM
Video: Cafe Near OWS Says Business Down 40% Since Occupation Began: VS
Blogger Visits Occupy Richmond and Is Shocked by What He Finds: VARight

Gunrunner & Energygate

WH rejects subpoena request for Solyndra docs: Exam
Lawmakers Seek Information on ‘Fast And Furious’ Leaks: WSJ
Border Battle: Mom of Colorado man killed in Mexico says U.S. to blame : 9News

Climate & Energy

If You Don’t Believe In The Climate Change Hoax, You’ll Spontaneously Combust: RWN
NBC in the tank for Anthropogenic Global Warming: Wizbang
UN: “If You Don’t Believe In Tackling Climate Change, You’re Immoral And Hate Those In Poverty”: RWN


Why Is CBS’s Steve Kroft Ambushing Politicians?: BigJ
Democrat Jon Corzine Gets A Pass For Role In Derivatives Meltdown: BigJ
Barack Obama’s Faux Populism: Radosh

CAC's US Senate Projections (11/4/2011): Ace
Is Obama Chewing Nicorette at the G-20?: Dossier
Former '60 Minutes' commentator Andy Rooney dies: LAT

Janeane Garofalo Hardest Hit: Glob
Footage That The Mainstream Media Will Not Air: TAB
The Lawless Heart of OWS: Lowry


Occupy Wall Street and Soros’ Fingerprints: Vadum
Who Lost Iraq?: Krauthammer
Abe Foxman tells Jews to sign the pledge: Baehr

Hoping No One Dies at the North Korean Fun Fair!: Vice
Muslims sue Popeyes for sharia-compliant chicken: Creeping
Obama Adminstration Opposes Prayer Plaque at WWII Memorial – It Would “Dilute Message”: GWP

US About to Hit $15 Trillion in Debt; Sarkozy Asks Obama to Help Europe with Debt Crisis: Malkin
Pakistani intel driving around in lightly defended vehicles in traffic with nuclear weapons: Hot Air
Why is U.S. Using X-Ray Security Scanners Europe Rejects as Unsafe?: AllGov


Darpa’s Plan to Trap the Next WikiLeaker: Decoy Documents: Instapundit
Apple reportedly fires employee for negative Facebook post: CNet
How Twitter Makes Money: Dollard


On Southern Manners: Instapundit
It's Apache Friday!: Morning Spew
The Seven Differences Between Winners And Losers: Hawkins

Image: Jammie Wearing Fool
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Remember when the Left was saying that Americans should fear the Tea Partiers because they were a potentially dangerous, violent mob? Well now, we actually have a dangerous, violent mob of thugs, anarchists, hippies, and wannabe revolutionaries committing rape and vandalism in between arrests and breaks to poo on people’s doorsteps. And guess what? Liberals love ‘em!" --John Hawkins

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