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Monday, October 10, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The OWS Crowd Gets Tough

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The OWS Crowd Gets Tough: Dewey
What Obama's Second Term Would Look Like: McClintock
Issa blasts administration over ATF, Solyndra affairs: Times

Impeach Eric Holder: Kelly
OWS' Neo-Communist 'Collaboratism' Revealed: LUR
GOP vows retaliation after Reid uses nuclear option in Senate: Hill

The Occupiers’ Siren Song: NoisyRm
Obama Team Split on How To Rally Unruly Coalition: Barone
US Military 1 — Occupy Movement 0: Zombie


Can't Wait for Occupy Detroit: Finley
The Durbin Amendment Explained: NerdWallet
California bans tanning beds for minors, abortions still okay: GWP

Obama attacks banks while raking in Wall Street dough: DC
'Working Families' Paying $650/wk. to Protesters: PunPre
How To Hide Your Gold: A Bloomberg Primer: ZH

Gunrunner & Solyndra

Under the Radar: Ace
Fast and Furious weapons were found in Mexico cartel enforcer's home: LAT
Files: ATF knew gun sales were a problem: Azstar


Occupy Wall Street – Lighting The Fuse To Begin A Bloodbath: Sword
In Eric Holder’s Pocket: A Review of Christian Adams’ Injustice: Simon
Obama's Career Mismatch: JRubin

Herman Cain Schools Yet Another White Journalist Trying to Tell Him What Black People Think: BigJ
On NPR, ESPN Hack Compares Herman Cain to...Southern Segregationists?: NB
Kirsten Powers Flashback: Ace

Proving Darwin's Theory: Bookworm
The USS Carl Vinson rocks!: Bookworm
Head on a Stick: MBT

Wall Street and Its Occupiers: Both State Welfare Junkies: RWN
Scary Stupid: JPA
Info Leaked: Communist Party USA Conference Call On Occupy Wall Street Future Plans: BIN


Old and Busted: Olive Drab ... The New Hotness: Green: Ace
6 Dead in Clashes Between Christians, Army Over Cairo Church Attack: Blaze
Riots over church attack in Egypt kill 19: Yahoo!

Egypt descends into chaos: Spengler
Our one-sided trade war with China: Samuelson
Scot made millions making moonshine in Saudi Arabia - but he landed in torture cell : DailyRecord


Google debuts Dart, a JavaScript alternative: CNet
Steve Jobs’s secret legacy: Dying Apple boss left plans for four years of new products: DailyMail
Forget iPhone 4S: Nine High-End Apple Alternatives : NetWorld


Jane Jamison, 1955-2011: Dell
Occupy the American Empire: Czars, left, peasants on the right: MOTUS
Wingsuit stuntman Jeb Corliss soars through China mountains: Telegraph

Image: Ace o' Spades
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Herman Cain for President

QOTD: "It’s just like the TEA Party — except with paid protesters, union participation, Soros funding, anti-capitalist organizers, largely anti-Semitic overtones, and now, finally, sh**!

As these astroturfed spectacles gain more and more media attention, remember this: the Democrats, and the Obama Administration in particular, own this. And the problem with enlisting the aid of anti-Semitic Marxist anarchists to try to turn the “middle class” against the banks and corporations (incidentally, a necessary, manufactured and orchestrated step for bringing about a public outcry for socialism, according to Cloward-Piven and Alinsky), is that you can’t spell “useful idiots” without “idiots” — and at the end of the day, your revolutionary foot soldiers are precisely the kind of people who will erupt in violence, gin up race hatreds, give voice to anti-capitalist/anti-Semitic sentiment, and, of, course, begin taking dumps on cars.

– And all for a demonstrable lie." --Jeff Goldstein

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