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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Romney Chickens Out On Ohio Public Union Ballot Question

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Romney Chickens Out On Ohio Public Union Ballot Question: Ace
No Photos, Please, of Obama’s L.A. Fundraisers: Dossier
DOJ Proposes Lying, Hiding Info From FOIA Requests: STACLU

Obama Spokesman: Ignore Constitution, Act Like Dictator: WZ
Battleground: Ohio; Update: Romney waffles: Malkin
Time to Cut Off NPR: Bozell

Jeb's lame ultimatum: Are you with the sane GOP or Not?: Riehl
Joe Biden, Beltway Bubble Boy: Malkin
Failed Democrat Pol Sues Critics Over Election Loss: USN&WR


Ryan declares war on Obama’s class-warfare: Pethokoukis
California's Economic Suicide: IBD
Work One Day, Qualify for IL Pension of Over $100K/Year: AllAm

It's Not Class Warfare, It's Math: Ace
The global debt apocalypse approaches: WklyStd
Inflation Up Globally: Sinclair


Rioting in downtown Oakland as Occupiers clash with police: Zombie
Is Occupy Oakland as bad as they say?: Zombie
They're Heeeerrrrrreeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Zilla


Herman Cain tops Mitt Romney in latest CBS/NYT poll: MoneyRunner
Actor Orlando Jones: Liberals Need to Kill Sarah Palin: NB
Why Herman Cain Electrifies the Grassroots: Five Voters Speak Out: PJM

Sniveling Biden Still Whining About Jason Mattera Asking Tough Questions; Update: Mattera Responds: JWF
Confirmed: Dirty, Corrupt Congressman Who We Suspected Was Dirty, Corrupt Was In Fact Dirty, Corrupt: Ace
Terrorist Ayers Teaches Revolutionary Theory to Young Leftists at Occupy Chicago: GWP

WaPo Puts a Romney Blogger on the Payroll to Attack Romney’s Opponents: RS
Perry and the Birth Certificate: Well Played, Mainstream Media: Tatler
Networks and Cable Still Mostly Silent on Anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street Protests: NB


Welcome to the Islamist Middle East and It’s Not Going to Be Moderate: BRubin
Who Lost the World?: Gaffney
“Whom the gods would destroy, they first render mad”: Western Rifle

Ah, Democracy: Arctic Patriot
Report: Obama’s Muslim Advisers Block Middle Eastern Christians’ Access to the White House: BigPeace
Mexican ID Becomes Valid ID in Sonoma County: NBC Bay Area


Confessions Of An iPhone User Who Recently Switched To Android: Insider
Anonymous threatens Fox News Web site over Occupy coverage: CNet
IBM names Virginia Rometty president and CEO: NetworkWorld


Won’t You Please Consider Sponsoring A Protester, Today?: Morning Spew
Save Economy -- Impeach Bush Now!: NB (2008)
State Department Buys $70,000 Worth of Obama’s Memoir To Hand Out As Gifts: WZ

Image: BarkingCrayon.com
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Herman Cain for President

QOTD: "On the morning of July 23, 1952, the Middle East entered a new era. The Free Officers Movement took over Egypt and there followed more than a half-century of war, anti-Western hysteria, terrorism, repression, social stagnation, and the basic Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse type stuff in the Middle East. That was the Era of Arab Nationalism.

On February 11, or October 23, or November 28, 2011, the Middle East entered a new era. Whether you date it to the fall of Mubarak, the Tunisian election, or the Egyptian election, what do you think is going to happen in the next half-century in the region? This is now — I call it officially — the Era of Revolutionary Islamism." --Barry Rubin

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