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Sunday, October 30, 2011

How many 22-year old cars still look modern and up-to-date in 2012?

Go back in time 22 years, say to 1989. Which car -- make and model -- could still be sold today without any cosmetic changes whatsoever?* Before you scroll down, take a guess: I think only one vehicle passes muster.

To stir your memory a bit, consider the following vehicles from the 1990 model year.

*Ignoring the massive books of new regulations, of course, which multiply like weeds and govern every aspect of our lives -- from shower-heads to bumper designs, to the size of toilet tanks to the kinds of light bulbs you are allowed to buy.

Well, this is a sweet unit. If you ever wondered how GM melted down, consider the following three words: Fake. Wood. Paneling.

This high-end Audi looks a little more modern than the wagon, but it still doesn't come close to today's sleek designs.

This Cadillac was another victim of a slow-moving company that punched out angular cars that looked boxes, only not as sexy.

The design of this subcompact hatchback was a bit ahead of its time, but certainly couldn't compete against its modern competition: the Toyota Yaris, the Nissan Versa, the Mini Cooper, etc.

People who owned these vehicles hated them. Slightly less reliable than the Hindenberg, these Jettas were mechanical disasters and looked like someone slapped wheels on a refrigerator. Rumor has it the body was made entirely of compressed rust.

So what's the answer? Try this bad boy:

I believe this vehicle -- the 1990 Nissan 300ZX -- would still sell well today.

Which is a real testament to its designers.

Images: Edmunds.com.

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