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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The United States of Mexico

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The United States of Mexico: Times
An Interview with Herman Cain: CYInt
Bachmann says reports of NH staff exodus “not true”: Henderson

A Mea Culpa on Herman Cain and Abortion: RS
Iowa: Cain 37, Romney 27, Paul 12, Gingrich 8: Hot Air
10 Reasons You Should Vote For Herman Cain: AllAm

Poll Shows Most #OWS Protesters Are Militant Leftists: Nice Deb
Rape Crisis Centers On High Alert: Ace
Gun, Knives Pulled at Obama-Endorsed Occupy Event: GWP


Fannie and Freddie: the Nexus of Corruption: Pirrong
New York's Disappearing Millionaires: LI
Elsewhere (50): Daivd Thompson

"Solyndra on Wheels:" Half Billion To Finnish Workers: Ace
The left’s effort to clean up the Occupy Wall Street crowd: JRubin
The Business of Government: Sultan Knish

Gunrunner & Energygate

ATF Fast and Furious investigation: Congress tells FBI: clarify evidence in Brian Terry murder: Attkisson
As Issa Closes in on FBI Role in Gunwalker, Dems Feign Outrage: Owens
ATF Whistleblower Backs Up Latest Allegations Against William Newell: PJM

Obama on Fast and Furious: “People Who Screwed Up Will be Held Accountable”: Tickle
Charlie Daniels blasts Justice Department, suggests political persecution against Gibson Guitar: DC
Solyndra to Auction Assets, But Taxpayers Won’t See a Dime: Foundry

Climate & Energy

Cult of Global Warming Is Losing Influence: Barone
Senate Confirms Eco-Fascist As Commerce Secretary: Soylent Green (Language Warning)
Sceptical Berkeley Scientists Say, “Human Component Of Global Warming May Be Somewhat Overstated”: Watts


“Jeremiah Wright is back on the table” Tweet of the Day: LI
Allen West: Obama should dust off that Nobel Peace prize and give it back!: Scoop
Conservatives Stand Up! — Zilla's Resistance Honor Roll Keeps Getting Bigger!: AmPower

BigGovernment.com Contributor Puts Lech Walesa Some F'n Knowledge About OWS: Ace
The 50 Most Popular Conservatives on the Web (According to Google 2011): RWN
LOL!: I've Been Banned From Commenting At Mediaite: Jawa

Barack Obama and Karl Marx: Dossier
Team Obama: ‘Must … Stop … Rubio!’: PJM
MSNBC's Martin Bashir: “Do You Think Herman Cain Can Spell The Word ‘Iraq’?": WZ


Obama Speaks on Iraq: All Troops Out by End of Year: Dossier
On Iraq, Obama Trips and Says "I Meant to Do That": AmSpec
Is Another Conflict Coming to Korea?: PJM

Obama administration pulls references to Islam from terror training materials, official says: Timmerman
Islamist op-ed threatens FBI: Don’t teach truth about jihad or Muslims in US will not cooperate: Creeping
An Odd Case in Governance: LI

Report: Islamic terror plot to bomb U.S. embassy in Mexico in 2010: Creeping
The Truth Behind Europe's (€1.7 Trillion) "Triangle Of Terror": ZH
Denmark: Islamic group seeks to introduce "Sharia zones" in Copenhagen: JihadWatch


Twitter’s Mobile Audience Up 75% Year-On-Year, Beats Facebook, LinkedIn: MediaBistro
Jobs Threatened ‘Thermonuclear War’ on Google: Bloomberg
Apple's Siri Uses Female Voice In USA, Male In Britain: Guardian


Together, I Shall Ride You To Victory -- A Very Special Announcement, by T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII
Human Slingshots Are Probably the Most Fun You Can Have on Land: Gizmodo
Man Aiming a Laser Pointer a Police Helicopter Is Quickly Arrested: Laughing Squid

Image: Adapted from IowaHawk
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "Even though the ECB, EU, and IMF cannot figure out what to do about Greece, Spain is simmering and the lid has blown off Portugal." --Mike Shedlock

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