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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Why Is Class Hatred Morally Superior to Race Hatred?

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Why Is Class Hatred Morally Superior to Race Hatred?: Prager
You Can't Wait? Neither Can We: DLim
Bipartisanship: Democrat Senate Kills Jobs Bill…Again: Tatler

The Hobbits March in One Year: Cary
Profits Are For People: Williams
Model: Obama could get just 43.5% of the vote: American

Muslims tell DOJ to find ways to criminalize criticism: Creeping
Great News: Anthony Weiner Still Spending Campaign Cash: JWF
Bachmann's ex-NH staff releases scathing letter: Hill


My Tax and Spending Reform Plan : Perry
White House prepares to touch off the next housing crisis: CalcRisk
Obama Prepared to 'Act' Without Congress' Approval: PunPrs

Unions Hire Researcher With A Taste For Being Paid Off: GOHP
Union Bosses Don't Answer To You: That Hero
Report: States In Debt Over $4 Trillion: WZ

Occupy Idiocy

OWS: Alleged Statutory Rape, And A Knife-Wielding Maniac Wearing Joker Makeup: Ace
Former Soviet Citizen Explains Socialism to OWS Idiots: JWF
OWS Protester’s Demand the Surest Way to Lose Mayor Bloomberg: Malkin

Gunrunner & Energygate

Solar Power is Free! FREEEEE! (if somebody else pays for it): Ace
"If they can't kill you. . . they'll make you crazy." Behind the Scenes, the Cover-up Games Continue. : SSI
What About Fast and Furious, Mr. President?: Black Quill & Ink


Petty Punishment for the Washington Post: Dossier
'I Have To Say, I’m Afraid For the State of the Nation': JWF
Is the New York Times a news organization or a front for left-wing activists?: IBD

‘For every million dollars Obama raises, $6.4 billion is added to our national debt.’: NRO
John Who? A bizarre denial from the New York Times: Taranto
NBC Admits Obama Mortgage Plan Won't Work, But Cheers it As Good Politics: NB

Green Presidential Candidate Lays Claim To OWS, Panics Democrats: Glob
New Obama Campaign Adviser: Barely Ex-Lobbyist: Malkin
Obama crony Penny Pritzker called out at OccupyChicago by union speaker: Marathon


From Tunisia To The Justice Department: A Clean Sweep For Islam: Big Peace
Looking In the Mirror: Flopping Aces
No Victory But Defeat: Sultan Knish

Obama Administration Bans the Truth About Islam and Jihad: Spencer
Arab Sprung: Sondrakistan
Europe’s Crisis May End in a ‘Violent Blow-Up’: Galbraith: Daily Ticker

In Mideast, U.S. Policy Is In Shambles: IBD
PA President Abbas to Pay Released Murderers’ Pensions With U.S. Taxpayer Money: WZ
Tennessee Becomes First State To Fight Terrorism Statewide: News5


What did Steve Jobs say about his rivals?: CBS
Republicans Dominate Twitter: PoliticalWire
Jobs abrasive style drove some people away: biographer: Reuters


TSA Sex Advice? Woman Finds 'Freaky' Note In Luggage: JWF
The Great Apple Exposé: And I’m Not Talking About Steve Jobs: MOTUS
This Watch Has Balls: Yanko Design

Image: Obama's Logo Becomes His Secret Weapon To Win Voters Back
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Perry for President

QOTD: "Ever since I've had cancer, I've been thinking about (God) more. And I find myself believing a bit more. Maybe it's because I want to believe in an afterlife. That when you die, it doesn't just all disappear...

...Yeah, but sometimes I think it's just like an on-off switch. Click and you're gone.

...And that's why I don't like putting on-off switches on Apple devices."" --Steve Jobs

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