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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Obama political adviser linked to Occupy Wall Street protests

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Obama political adviser linked to Occupy Wall Street protests: GWP
President Obama's 45 Czars: a Special Report: JW
Justice Scalia: “Learn to love the gridlock.”: Patterico

Recall attempt of Walker to begin Nov. 15: Hot Air
2012: the problem of Romney: LFAYA
Hundreds rally in support of Gibson Guitars: Hot Air

‘An Isolated Man Trapped in a Collapsing Presidency’: Driscoll
Is Rick Perry Not Ready For Prime Time?: Commune
The ignorance of the masses – Soviet flag at #OccupyPhiladelphia: LI


So Obama said it was immoral and not illegal?: Denninger
DCCC All Aboard ‘Occupy Wall Street'!: Malkin
The Innovation Deficit: Thomas

Guns, Guitars and Government Raids: Norris
Working Families Party Won't Pay Employees a Living Wage: AllAm
We Lost Weight Under Obama: Surber

Gunrunner & EnergyGate

Holder Ridge Defenses Overrun. Holder isolated in his bunker, awaiting the coup de grĂ¢ce: Sipsey
Government adviser defends Solyndra despite ethics agreement: WaPo
Issa: Holder's defense on Fast and Furious ‘has reached a new low': Hill

Next up for “occupiers”? Home invasions, terrorizing the bank executives: ProWis
Company that Owns Zuccotti Park Received Green Loan Guarantee from Obama Admin: LoneCon
Gunwalker: Issa Reveals Drug Enforcement Administration Involvement: PJM

Climate & Energy

New Climate Scare: Europe May be Facing Return Of ‘Little Ice Age’: Watts
Al Gore kicked out of the Global Warming Club: Surber
Ultraviolet light shone on cold winter conundrum: BBC


Five Things Republicans Must Do to Crush the Left in the Propaganda War: Shiver
Occupy Wall Street Heavily Scrubbing Website; Remove Call to Deal with "the Jew": PndtPrss
‘Mr. Cain, Who Is Lawrence O’Donnell to Tell You How to Be a Black Man?’: RSM

Former Enron adviser Paul Krugman joins progs’ war on “plutocrats”: Malkin
The Krugman Army: Driscoll
Tuesday Debate Puts Cain in Line of Fire for First Time: PJM

Reverse Racism: Sowell
Occupy Wall Street – What Happens to the Money that’s being Donated?: Koch's Tour
The left, the race card, and Herman Cain: Jacoby

You Say You Want a Revolution?: City Journal
Guess which President has raked in the most Wall Street bucks in a generation?: Hot Air
Obama Schedule || Tuesday, October 11, 2011: Dossier


Arab Fall, Arab Fail: Coptic Christians slaughtered in Egypt; Plus: Nadarkhani update: Malkin
Bolton Rips Obama After He Calls For Restraint From Egyptian Christians As They’re Being Slaughtered: WZ
The Shape of the Middle East to Come: Ledeen

The Mounting Hezbollah Threat in Latin America: AEI
Not a Single Christian Church Left in Afghanistan, Says State Department: CNS
The 5 Most Likely Scenarios For The European Monetary Union: Insider


Free texts to hurt carriers' bottom line?: CNet
Minor flaw in green energy business model: “Solar panels do not work that well": Scoop
Justice Department ramps up WikiLeaks e-mail probe: CNet


The Top Ten Occupy Wall Street Pick-Up Lines: RWN
Costumed Kook Busted In Seattle Street Assaults: TSG
Obama golfs with his personal chef: Dossier

Image: Protein Wisdom
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Herman Cain for President

QOTD: "BEGALA: Out of the box, you’ll need some encouraging poll numbers, my Queen. I’ll task Gallup to run one with this question: “Given President Obama’s incompetence, narcissism, and arrogance, will you be more likely or less likely to vote for him?”

HILLARY: Good. Any other ideas??" --Steve Grammatico

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