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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: ACORN Behind Occupy Wall Street Protest

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ACORN Behind Occupy Wall Street Protest: JW
This is what a mob looks like: Coulter
It's Origin and Purpose, Still a Total Mystery: Driscoll

Interviewing Rick Perry On Illegal Immigration: RWN
A Talk with Congressman Allen West: PJM
Daley forced TIF winners to give to wife's charity: ChiBiz

Sarah Palin Not Running: LI
McCaskill avoids Obama in Missouri: GWP
The Power of Weakness: Knish


From “I, Pencil” to iPhone: Malkin
Bush Warned Congress About Fannie Mae 17 Times: NiceDeb
De Tijd Reports Dexia To Be Nationalized: ZH

Obama Doesn’t Want a Vote Now on ‘Pass This Bill Now’: Bruce
Obama Has Now Increased Debt More Than...: CNS
Yes, Obamacare to cover abortion drugs: GWP

Obama-decreed job destruction: Hewitt
How Ben Bernanke Screwed the Banks and Fixed Income Savers: Mish
Boom and Depression in Ancient Rome: Mises

Gunrunner & Solyndra

Republicans Seek All White House Communication On Solyndra Since Obama Inauguration: ZH
Gunwalker: Did Bush Walk Guns, Too?: Owens
E-mails show Energy Department was moving toward second loan for Solyndra: WaPo


Is CBS News Silencing Fast and Furious Reporter?: WS
Why In God’s Name Is The GOP Letting a Journolist Member Moderate a Debate?: RS
Obama's Solyndra Complex: AmSpec

Anti-Capitalist Protestors Face Dilemma: Should They Buy Stuff?: EIB
I’m Thinking About Writing a Novel Called ‘Two-Faced Backstabbing RINO Bitch’: RSM
The 50 Best Ann Coulter Quotes Of All-Time: RWN


Star of David Carved on Infidel’s Back in St. Louis: PJM
Detroit terror suspect accused of vehicular jihad against FBI agent: Creeping
“Peaceful” Shareef Allman is fugitive Cupertino quarry shooting spree suspect: Malkin

U.S. Marines Honor Pamela Geller: AmPower
Republicans Advance a Bill Defunding U.N. Population Control Agency: CNS
Video: F/A-18E Flight Deck Disaster Averted: DefTech


A Guide to the Reactions and Tributes to Steve Jobs: AtlanticWire
Steve Jobs: RIP: VodkaPundit
Apple co-founder, Chairman Steve Jobs dies: CNet


Does it Matter What the Words Are?: C&S
"Chick," 71, And Man, 54, Busted In Naked Car Romp: TSG
Missing Marizela, Month 7: Malkin

Image: GOP Seeks All White House Communication On Solyndra: ZH
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Allen West for Congress

QOTD: FLASHBACK: “No delays. I’m sending this bill to Congress today, and they ought to pass it immediately.” – President Obama, remarks on the American Jobs Act, September 12, 2011

TODAY: “Mr. President, right away is a relative term… so I object.” – Majority Leader Harry Reid, floor remarks, October 4, 2011

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