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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Arab Spring: Open Season on Christians [Dan from New York]

Dan from New York:

Did I hear someone say “ethnic cleansing?” First the Middle East Muslims threw out the Jews. Now that the Muslim lands are Judenrein (rid of Jews), the Muslims are coming for the Christians.


Middle East Forum, September 28, 2011

Running for Their Lives

by Raymond Ibrahim

Historically, non-Muslims whose lands were seized by the jihad had three choices: conversion, dhimmitude, or death. Today, however, they have a fourth option largely unavailable to their forbears: quit their lands of origin—emigrate—the latest testimony to the nature of Islam.

A recent report indicates that unprecedented numbers of Copts, Egypt's indigenous Christian population, are emigrating from their homeland in response to the so-called "Arab spring":

The Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organizations (EUHRO) published a report today on emigration of Christians from Egypt, saying that nearly 100,000 Christians have emigrated since March 2011. The report, which was sent to the Egyptian cabinet and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), warned that this emigration has been prompted by the escalating intimidation and attacks on Christians by Islamists. "Copts are not emigrating abroad voluntarily," said Naguib Gabriell, the director EUHRO, "they are coerced into that by threats and intimidation by hard line Salafists, and the lack of protection they are getting from the Egyptian regime."

The report goes on to list a number of attacks on Copts and churches—including the killing of Coptic youth in Moqattam, the Imbaba and other church attacks—adding "Salafist clerics, who gained political influence after the January 25 Revolution, have become emboldened, calling Copts Dhimmis who have to pay the jizya (tax paid by non-Muslims to the state) because they are not first class citizens and can never enjoy full citizenship rights, or obtain sensitive posts."

Indeed, this boldness is a harbinger of things to come—and Copts know it, hence the emigration...

Beyond the authoritative primary sources which unequivocally demonstrate the violent nature of Islam—including history and theology texts—which many prefer to dismiss as "dead books," here, then, is yet another live example. And yet the West's leaders, from academics to politicians, will continue insisting that Islam is the "religion of peace"—testimony to the endemic blindness inflicting this age.

Ibrahim notes that Egyptian clerics have called the Christians "Crusaders", demanding they convert to Islam or pay jizya (a religious tax on infidels) or... die.

Nor is this strictly an Egyptian problem: Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories have seen attacks and emigration by Christians since the onset of President Obama's vaunted "Arab Spring".

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