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Friday, April 23, 2010

Retro Lush "It's A Date" Bubble Bar

Next up on my retro lush review list is the "it's a date" bubble bar, and it's a gooden! I received this in a different order to "happy", but unfortunately had a similar problem in that it was a bit too hard to crumble! I have since found out from the lovely Abby & her lush crush, that this happens if the bubble bar is old, so maybe something to watch out for with the retro lush items, they seem to be kept a bit longer than they are meant to be before being sent out to us! Not cool. Anyway, this bubble bar smelt absolutely amazing, and the colour of it was gorgeous too (although it doesn't look as bright as it was in these poorly taken, in my bedroom at night, pictures..). It has an actual date on the top of it, which i didn't want floating in my bath, and so i removed it before the crumbling commenced! As you can see in the third picture, i had trouble breaking it and had to hold in under the tap for a while to soften it, which resulted in my hands being pink and gooey, but smelling amazing for the rest of the night!
Whilst running my bath i realised that it smelt like something from my past, but had that frustrating mind block where you are certain that you recognise it and can remember the smell so clearly but just cannot think what it was or where you smelt it! After picking my brain, and talking to my lovely Alexandra about it, i got there, it smells like GLITTER BABES! Do you remember glitter babes? It was a range in Boots when i was in primary school or something! Anyway, the smell reminds me of that, its a gorgeous fruity and kind of powdery smell! Smells a little bit like "blush" candle by Lily Flame which is one of my favourites! Beyond the smell, look how amazing the colour of the water was, it was an amazing bright barbie pink, the picture was taken just as it started running, it ended up with lots of soft creamy bubbles. Heaven! I recommend this bubble bar to anybody who hasn't tried it, and it's one of the cheaper ones from the retro range, only £2.85.
Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, i'm off to have another bath..marzibain!

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