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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Retro Lush "Happy" Bubble Bar

Hello pretty girlies. I hope you don't mind that this is another retro lush post, i did say it was gonna happen! I haven't done anything except work, bath & sleep this week really (poor me!), so i don't have much else to blog about! I will return to being thoroughly exciting soon though, you better know it ;)
As some of you might know from following me on twitter, i couldn't decide (out of the above bars that i have at the moment) which one to use a couple of evenings ago. "Happy" won the vote, which is probably a good thing because i said i was going to use them in order, and that was due to be next anyway! The smell of this bubble bar was lovely, one of the nicest from my little collection i thought.
Lush say "A Happy Bubble bath can't fail to bring a smile to your face. As well as the uplifting citrus oils of tangerine, neroli and orange blossom, we mix in a helping of sandalwood oil, a precious, soothing oil from the Far East. Sandalwood helps to rehydrate and soften your skin. It's very relaxing, takes away anxiety and makes you feel lovely all over. All that and bright blue, fragrant bath water!"
So they were completely right about the gorgeous colour of the water, the fact it smells amazing, and that it leaves your skin lovely and soft. They just failed to mention that it would be rock solid, either that or i was unlucky and got sent one that had either gone off, or was just from a bad batch. I don't know what the reason was, but either way i have never been so stressed trying to run a bath in my life!
It sounds like i'm joking, but i just could not get into this bubble
bar, it was impossible! I couldn't even cut through it with a knife. In the process of trying to crumble it, i snapped back my nail (massive ouch), stained my nails blue, made a huge blue mess in the bathroom and bent a knife. What a farce! All this for a nice, relaxing bath..ironic really.
After holding it under a boiling hot running tap for about 10 minutes it started to soften, still only slightly, and i finally managed to crumble it into the bath.
Once it was in, due to all this havoc the bubbles weren't nearly as good as normal, but the colour, smell, and feel of the bath was still gorgeous, and it' a good job because i was verging on having a breakdown! I would buy this again, to see if this was just a bad stroke of luck, because everything else was up at the top in terms of a good bubble bar!
Has anybody else ever had this problem with a bubble bar? Or has anybody used Happy and not had this problem? Ha, i don't think it is like a regular occurrence tbh, think i was just unlucky!
Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine.

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