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Monday, April 12, 2010

400 Followers Contest/Giveaway ♡

Goodness me, how has this even happened?! I started this blog in January as a place to rant, blab and fill my time, not expecting anyone to follow/care, but look at you little monkeys, you did! And i want to say a massive massive huge big thank you to every one of you!
I thought about having just a straight forward giveaway like i've seen on countless blogs, but after thinking about what to do i decided i wanted to mix it uppp a bit.
After some thinking and chats, i have decided to run a make up contest - again i have seen these done on other blogs and love the idea of it. I am ridiculously excited about seeing your entries! - please don't be shy, obv i don't expect all 400 of you to read this and enter, but i want lots of you to please please :)
I will mention the top three girlies, and announce them on my blog one month from now.
The winner will receive a MAC lipstick, in any colour that they would like, and a few other secret goodies that i will throw in!
I would like, actually i'd bloooooody love, you to create and send me a "doll face" look, do whatever you wish, be creative! Porcelain doll, rag doll, baby doll, i'm not fussy! I love "dolly" make up when it is played down for daytime or for a night out, but i'd love you to go mad with this if you're feeling it, don't hold back ;) Also, it's completely up to you whether you go all out and do the hair/make up/outfit, or just hair/make up, or just make up! i'll judge them each individually & give everybody a fair chance!

Here are a few pictures which i have found that my inspire you!

To enter:

Please be a follower of my blog and/or twitter

Submit your entry on your own blog and link me to it in the comments section of this post, or email it to Annaaabella@hotmail.com

(it would be quite helpful if you still comment to let me know you have sent it, just incase there are any problems and i haven't received it, i don't want to miss any!)

♡ There are no extra points for "promoting" the contest, but if you would like to then that would be lovely!

♡ Have fun with it & send/post your entry to me before the 1st of May please :)

Massive thank yous again girlies! ♡♡♡

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