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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Georgia Middle School Textbook Marketing Sharia-based Misogyny to Children

Take a read, courtesy of Atlas Shrugs, and we'll discuss.

To summarize:

• The West should stop criticizing Sharia-based mistreatment of women

• Women aren't allowed to drive cars... cool!

• Women must cover themselves completely with a black tent, leaving only a slit for the eyes... cool (plus: protection from the sand)!

• Parents choose a girl's husband... cool!

• She is "happy to obey"! Cool!

• She will be one of her husband's four wives... cool!

• Sharia protects women... cool!

Curiously, the text omits mentions of female genital mutilation, marriages of 8-year-old girls to older men, ritual self-mutilation, child slave labor, stoning of women and girls for ill-defined and/or bogus "crimes", legalized pedophilia, normalization of the practice of wife-beating, "honor" killings, gender-based segregation, mandatory clothing, and exclusion from formal educational opportunities.

I'm hesitant to post the attribution for the list, above, but it is necessary [Caution: extremely graphic and disturbing images!]

You can see the rest of the text and workbook here. Put simply, if a curriculum is going to purport to describe how women live in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Muslim-controlled world, it should at least report the facts.

Hat tip: JihadWatch.

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