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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chanel Tattoos, Nailene & Eyeko Lilac Polish.

Hello Girlies, hope you are all enjoying this fab weather we're having! I have been working so much recently, so any time i have had off has been spent trying to relax (not very successfully) so i apologise once again for the lack of posts on here! I have so much i want to blog about but just have so little time to do it, which bothers me! I love blogging, so promise to get all the posts done in the near future!
Anyway, just a little update - a while ago myself and Boo bought some Chanel temporary tattoos, which i hadn't really tried out until last week when i decided to wear one! It attracted lots of complimentary attention & i loved wearing it, i wore it round my wrist with bracelets as well, so it was quite subtle but still something a bit different :)
I took this photo about 2 days after i first put it on, so as you can see it lasted quite well! After about 4 days it starts to peel and rub away so i had to scrub it all off to avoid looking totally trashy! What do you think?
Next little thing i wanted to share with you was these fabbby false nails by Nailene! I'm sure you know by now, if you are a regular follower of my blog, that i don't review products (other than a few little words about retro lush bubble bars which i was on a mission to try out - need to continue this!). Nailene contacted me and sent me these nails to try out, which i can honestly say i was thinking about purchasing myself after reading Milly's (pearlsandpoodles.blogspot.com) review on them a couple of months ago :)
So this was a nice little treat!
My favourite of the bunch was by far these natural looking falsies, which i have actually re-purchased for myself since being sent some.
These are the Nailene "So Natural" - short length, square shaped (although i filed them into a much rounder shape, that i feel made them look more natural - more my thing!)
It is the first time i have used false nails that have fitted my nails comfortably and nicely, and not looked obviously fake. Another thing which i was surprised at was how well they stayed on. I wore these for work (my nail varnish ALWAYS gets totally ruined at work) but they stayed on surprisingly well and didn't get in the way. Lots of people commented on how natural they looked, which i was pleased about as i'm not too keen on an obviously fake appearance! All in all i'm very impressed with these nails, and like i said i have already re-purchased them from Boot's for around £6 :)

These next ones were just white plastic nail covers which i painted with Eyeko Lilac Polish (one of my absolute faves for summer). Again i love how they fitted on my nails and the glue was fab. I filed them to get a rounder shape, as i did with the natural ones, again so they didn't look to obviously fake!
Have you tried Nailene? Do you think that you might like to?
Hope everyone is happy & well :) xxx

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