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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spend spend spend; Lush & Mac
- lots of pictures!
I drove my friend to hand her essay in at university in Liverpool; so obviously that meant that we had to go shopping while we were there. I'm pretty chirpy about my purchases, so here is what i came home with! My lush obsession has been kick started by some christmas presents from miss Alexandra!
Ok, so from LUSH, i bought 2 gift boxes; Buttercup (contains butterball bath ballistic & Honey i washed the kids soap) & Rock Chick (contains rock star soap & creamy candy bath bubble bar slice) - these are actually going to be used as gifts, got a couple of birthdays coming up in the next couple of weeks!
Then, for myself, i bought some i should coco soap,
a pop in the bath bubble bar,

& a butterball bath ballistic.
Then, in my goodie bag (can't tell you how excited i was) i got..
a big blue bath ballistic,
some angel's delight soap (smells amazing!),
a jacko bath ballistic (kind of late but cute all the same),
a floating island bath melt,
a massive wedge of father frost soap,
& finally a blackberry bath bomb. I can't quite believe how good this deal is!
So then, after some lunch, we went to MAC & although i didn't actually have my voucher i was blabbing on about the other day, i bought some lipstick.
I went for a matte pink shade called "please me" and i'm very happy with it, it's really lovely.
All in all, it's been a pretty successful day! My new Barry M nail paints also arrived this morning, i got "pale purple" & "mulberry pink", i'm wearing the pink today and haven't tried the purple on yet but both look gorgeous so far! I'm actually pretty tired after the drive & then walking up hills to and from lecture buildings! So it's time for a cup of tea & i still have this essay to finish.
So that's my evening sorted, with a nice bath using one of my new LUSH products obviously! Oh, but which one? I haven't actually tried any of the ones i got today, i'm not quite a LUSH virgin, but i'm really not very experienced. I'm sure i will be soon, because after this lot i know that i'm not going to be able to keep myself away, i pretty much love everything in there! If you have any pointers about what i should get next time then you should really let me know, because i'm like a kid in a candy shop when i get in there!

Anyway, Ciao Ciao!

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